Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

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I am thankful that...

  • Martijn's job is flexible enough that he can take the morning off and rush me to the dentist when my teeth revolt
  • we finally got the authorization letter from the insurance for my medicine
  • I managed to get through the second part of my Dutch courses without being jailed for assaulting the terribly unpleasant teacher
  • I have found a good group of ladies around here that I'm getting to know better
  • I have the awesomest family in the world and I get to go visit them for almost a month very soon now
  • I am getting to be a better cook (Martijn is probably thankful for that too)
  • the elevator (usually) works and that I don't (usually) have to trek up 8 flights of stairs with perishables that need to go in the fridge
  • after months and months and months of healing my ankle is finally to where it doesn't bother me much at all anymore
  • Martijn can completely crack me up laughing

I am thankful for...

  • super cheap voip service so that I can call and talk to my mom whenever I feel like it
  • my cute husband who works hard to support us and takes such good care of me
  • my mattress warmer
  • thick fuzzy socks
  • my mp3 player, Big Daddy, and audiobooks
  • my bike and the bicycle paths
  • lower gas prices
  • my kitties, even though they can't live here right now

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