Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Texel- November 4, 2008

Yesterday we left Eindhoven around noon to drive to Den Helder, where we boarded the ferry that brought us to Texel.

We arrived at the bungalow park a little after 3 (good timing, since that was the time that we could check in), checked in, and made our way to bungalow number 123. It's a cute little two bedroom place, but of course it's 4 single beds. LUCKILY this time we aren't battling against a chasm of death or bunk beds. The kitchen is workable and even has a gas stove, which we don't even have at home. We spent a little while making ourselves at “home” and then took a 4 km walk around the area. It was our intention to find a nearby geocache, but by the time we got where it was supposed to be, it was getting dark and we couldn't see well enough to poke around and find it.

Last night when we went to bed we decided not to set an alarm since we are on vacation after all. Somehow I think waking up at 7am this morning made that a futile decision. Luckily both of us were able to fall back asleep for a little while.

Today we went to the tippy top of the island to see the lighthouse (Dutch: vuurtoren). The problem with this plan was the insane amount of fog!

Picture 1655

See what I mean?

The fog wasn't a deterrent for our caching efforts though. We manged to find six in various places around the island. There were a few we didn't manage to track down, but it still gave us the opportunity to explore around a bit. It would've been nice if the fog wasn't so thick but we did (sorta) see some neat stuff.

Picture 1660

One of the places we went to was De Schans fort. It was established by Willem van Oranje in the 16th century to prevent the Spanish from taking back Texel. The fort was used until the middle of the 19th century. In 1931, half of it was demolished in order to place a dike. Napoleon added two smaller forts on either side (which have since been demolished) and it was used by merchant ships as a safe haven when they couldn't get to Amsterdam or to the North Sea.

Picture 1666

Picture 1669

Picture 1673


Sonya said...

I love the foggy photos..gives it a neat touch I think:)We visited some forts while vacationing in Denmark and they just amaze me. You can still see bullet holes all over the place.

Zair said...

When bat and I went to St. Petersburg a couple of weeks ago we found stupid sleeping arangements too. The hotel, which while nice enough and right in the middle of St Petersburg had two single beds in our "double" room. (They also had twin rooms, maybe they have a partition between the beds in those!). What was worse was the bed frames were a wooden and a couple of inches thick, so there wasn't even any point in trying to slide then together (and sharp hard wooden corners and getting up and night = ow). I'm not going to go on about how hard it was to actually pay them (but it started off with them wanting our deposit paid into the bank round the corner from the hotel, weeks before we left and a refusal to accept credit cards...)

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