Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Texel- November 5, 2008

Today found us making an emergency trip to the pharmacy (Dutch: apotheek) because I didn't eat the required 50 cups of yogurt per minute needed to combat the bad effects of the antibiotics. The plus side was, we did get to explore the town of Den Burg a little bit. All 50 houses of it – including one supermarket selling moldy avocados (more on that travesty later).

Since it was windy and cold we decided that we'd had enough outdoor explorations and headed to the Ecomare. It's a museum and wildlife rehabilitation center for seals and birds on the island and in the surrounding areas. They have a lot of neat information on how the island of Texel was formed and over industries in the North Sea. The best part was, of course, the seals. I did like the little teeny crabs that we saw in the aquarium they have in the basement. Also, did you know that there were woolly rhinoceroses in the ice age? Cause I sure didn't.

Picture 1689

Picture 1694
This little guy was trying to escape into the pool next door, unsuccessfully, I might add.

Picture 1683
Strangely enough, they used sheep's wool to make this woolly rhino's coat.

After the Ecomare, we headed back to number 123 to have some lunch. We decided to take the rest of the day off and just have a quiet afternoon since Martijn wasn't feeling that great. It was fine by me too – I got to steal the cute little new toy and play with it for awhile. By the way, his new name is Ned.

Martijn cooked us tacos for dinner, but when he went to cut up the avocado we discovered it should've gone to the grave far before we bought it cause it was moldy and rather unpleasant inside. Annoying, since we JUST BOUGHT IT TODAY!

Now we are just arguing if “should've” is actually a word. I say yes, Ned says no, and my wicked husband agrees with the computer. Such loyalty. It's a word I say! A contraction, but that counts as a word, right???


Erika said...

Soooo cute my kids and I loved the seals! The lighthouse pixs were great to just not as cute ;0) I hope you are feeling better! Despite the sideaffects of antibiotics.
I say should've as as well so I am on your side for that one. LOL
Question what are you guys doing in Texel besides vacation? You said caching? Love the pictures my kids love the blogs I read from people outside the US. Its an inside look on life in another country.

mub said...

Erika- Thanks for your comment =) Since we found a killer deal on the bungalow we rented, we decided to go ahead and book it and take a little vacation. The fact that the area we went had TONS of geocaches was just an extra nice benefit *L*

Wizardress said...

I say should've is a word; a should have... I use it anyway.

I'm glad that y'all had a good time and that you are feeling better.

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