Monday, November 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday- November 10, 2008

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Chicken Chili- New recipe. I've got everything to make it so I'm gonna give it a go.

Crockpot Barbecue Ribs- I still have some of the ribs I got a few weeks ago in the freezer and since Martijn liked these so much I'm not going to seek out a new recipe for them.

Gestoofd varkensvlees met kidney bonen- Stewed pork with kidney beans. I hope this will be good, I have everything to make it except the wine and I will just sub beef broth and a dash of vinegar or something along those lines.

Curry Sprouts- These were so good I'm going to make them again! And this time I'll remember to take a photograph so I can post it with the translated recipe.

Ham and egg quiche- I have a mix that we didn't use last week that I can make this with.

I'm gonna go to the market on Tuesday and see what vegetables I can get cheap for sidedishes.


Sonya said...

I love your recipes for this week! Do you by any chance know where I can get Cornstarch?? I cant find it here and wasnt sure if I am looking in the wrong place or if thats another product only found in Tokos.

mub said...

Hey Sonya! Cornstarch is called maizena here. The AH by me has it and I've also seen it at the Plus and C1000. Let me know if you can't find any and I'd be happy to snag a box and mail it in your direction =)

Hadias said...

Mub, the idea do using a suitcase to store items is great. I do the same thing. I store holiday decorations in mine. So has each holiday approaches I pull out the designated suitcase.

The Curry Sprouts sound delish.

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