Friday, November 28, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle!

I live in a country where bikes are more common than people. When you've got a population creeping up towards 17 million, that's a lot of bikes.


This is my main mode of transport these days. I have since replaced the headlamp (my bike has a headlamp!) because it was dying and I didn't feel like finding out how much the fine was for having a dead light.


A Touch of Dutch said...

Wow, this is a sign you are definitely 'inburgering' ;-) Cool set of wheels! I just recently had to fix one of my tires. I have never had to be so concerned about a bike in my life, but I remember when I was a child & my bike was the coolest thing with it's basket in the front and the banana seat.. LOL ;-)

mub said...

A Touch of Dutch- I had a banana seat on my bike when I was a kid too! Best bike in the world I tell ya! My husband has fixed my tires when they've had problems, but it's my goal to take care of it myself the next time it happens!

Sonya said...

Banana seats I have yet to get myself a bike and probably wont for sometime to come.I want instead to get my license. I miss driving so much.

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