Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Daddy

As of late, I've taken up the strange hobby of naming my electrical appliances.

  • The stick blender with a chopping attatchment is "Little Choppy"
  • Sewing machine #1 is "Greenie"
  • Sewing machine #2 is "Greenie v2.0"
  • Sewing machine #3 is "Whitie"
  • Overlocker is "Lewie"
  • Martijn's mp3 player is "Little Red Clippy"
As you can see, most of these names are very creative, and as such took quite a lot of consideration and thinking when I came up with them (and by very and quite a lot I really mean "not very" and "not a lot")

So when I acquired this handsome little fellow, I knew I needed to come up with something good!

Big Daddy Sansa Clip

It's a Sansa Clip, so I was originally thinking of making a play on the word clip. The problem was that Martijn already -had- Little Red Clippy. I couldn't just rip off that name and call MINE "Little Silver Clippy." And since it was a 4GB instead of a 2GB player, Martijn felt that the size needed to be acknowledged (even though physically, they're identical). After several ideas, many of them inappropriate in more ways than one, BIG DADDY came up. It really is an awful name and I thought "I've got to come up with something better!" But a week has passed, and I have not come up with anything better. So meet Big Daddy, my tiny little mp3 player.

Check out my next post for some good resources for free audiobooks!

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