Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cranberry Relish

It's no secret that I love Jello. In fact, I would probably be happy eating Jello for just about every meal until I started getting sick and dying from vitamin deficiencies. Even then I'd still probably keep eating it because it just glides down the throat with very little effort on my part.

Here's the problem: You can't buy sugar-free Jello here. You can find some flavors of gelatine, but not the real stuff, and certainly not sugar-free. So whenever I get my grubby hands on a box, it goes into my stockpile only to be used on very special occasions. My stockpile keeps growing (thanks Mom, Grandma M, Liz, and Bobbi) and I'm not eating it. This is really silly so I've decided to make a Thanksgiving resolution (I don't wanna wait another month and a few days til New Years) to EAT MORE JELLO!

This is my Grandma Russell's cranberry relish recipe, complete with Jello.

Cranberry Relish

You will need:
16 oz cranberries (I think this is a regular sized bag in the US, but the ones here are smaller)
4 apples, cored
3 oranges (mandarins work okay, but you'll want to use a couple more)
Rind from one of the oranges, grated
2 (small) packages or one large package red Jello (use a flavor you like- raspberry is good, but any of them work really)
2 cups sugar (Splenda works but it doesn't set as firmly, and I've found using less is okay too but it depends on your tastes)

Grind all the fruit together. If you have a nice big food processor, this is a good job for it. I used Little Choppy's choppy bit and the stick blender part to grind stuff up in batches. You don't want to completely puree it, it's good with a little texture left! Add the sugar and let set for 1/2 an hour. Make the Jello using only 2 cups of water. Let it cool down a bit and pour over the fruit. Chill until set. You can make this ahead and freeze it until you need it too, which is rather handy.

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A Touch of Dutch said...

My mouth is watering! Thanks for sharing :-)
Which reminds me, my great-aunt uses Jell-O for almost every dinner. I love this one salad she makes with cottage cheese, pineapples and green Jell-O.. Heerlijk!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

This sounds wonderful. I am so glad that you joined us for TMTT, this week. I hope you will keep coming back!

Krisi said...

Why don't you have someone mail it to you? It is very lightweight. Or can you not mail food out of the country (USA) to you?

I would be happy to get some and send it if you want to pay for it, when it goes on sale (the only time I buy it) it's around .50 a box for the small size (more flavor varieties) or .90/$1.00 for the larger size.

mub said...

Krisi- Thank you so much for the offer! My mom and friends buy it for me when it's on sale and send it here, it's just me being silly and not wanting to "run out" so to say because I don't have easy access to it. Really though, people send me enough that I shouldn't feel that way *L*

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

This sounds yummy too! Thank you for sharing at the Thanksgiving party.

heartnsoulcooking said...

This is my kind of addition to Thanksgiving. I like the combination of apples and oranges.

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