Saturday, June 30, 2012


I'm rather bummed out right now. I was on track to meet my goal of 400km biked in the month of June when DISASTER STRUCK.


Yes, that's a nasty crack in my wheel. That's not the only place either, and unless you really have a death wish you don't really want to be biking on an aluminum wheel that's cracking all over the place.

I ordered a new one last Tuesday that should have only taken a couple of days to come in but when we finally went back to the bike shop to ask about it they still didn't have it. Their supplier sent the wrong wheel... TWICE. If I'm lucky I'll have the right one on Tuesday.

Since I couldn't figure out how to ride a one-wheeler unicycle bike, I failed at my attempt to bike 400km in June.

I did pretty well though... all things considered.


337.28km is certainly not shabby, but it's not 400.

If my new wheel ever comes, maybe I'll try again in July.


This rather late F is for Failure post is part of Mrs. Matlock's fantastic AlphabeThursday.

Jenny Matlock

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Enigmatic E

For some reason I have yet to figure out, I decided that I would make it my goal to bike 400km in June. That's a tad under 250 miles for you un-metric people.

In order to keep things a little interesting, I've been taking routes I haven't been on before and seeing some new sights. Last weekend I was huffing and puffing along and I looked over and standing in the middle of the field was this E. No explanations about why it's there but I saw it and thought "I have to stop and take a picture, it's E week for AlphabeThursday." So, that's just what I did.


Now I think I'm going to have to be on the look out for other mysterious letters just randomly placed throughout the world.

Oh, and if you're curious, I'm at 268.82 km counted so far. I've done a little more but since I have a swiss cheese brain I've forgotten to put my bike computer on a couple of times and lost out on counting those kilometers. Bummer.


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Jenny Matlock

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Deadwood, South Dakota

Another stop on our epic road trip last fall was Deadwood. Now if you watched the HBO series Deadwood and were expecting anything remotely similar to that you would be in for a big surprise! Not a bad surprise, but it's not the wild wild west anymore.



We decided to take a bus tour up to the Mount Moriah Cemetery where Wild Bill and Calamity Jane are buried.





The cemetery was interesting but one of the best things in the tour was the amazing view from the hilltop.



I think Deadwood is a fun place to spend an afternoon as a quick pitstop from I-90 on the way through to the Black Hills but I don't think I'd put it top on my list of things to go out of the way to see.


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Jenny Matlock

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Château de Franchimont

Another thing on my 101 List is "visit a castle." I'm not sure if I should count this because it's more the REMAINS of a castle!

chateau de franchimont 041

Sitting on the end of a small hill overlooking a small village in Belgium, Château de Franchimont (Franchimont Castle) is thought to be built in the 11th century. Over the centuries it was expanded several times but it wasn't until the 16th century that they built the outer wall and artillery tower. These days there's not too much left of the tower but the remaining bits are where the ticket office is and a small exhibit on how it grew over the years.

chateau de franchimont 001

This is part of the rather steep road leading up to the original entry to the castle.

chateau de franchimont 017

chateau de franchimont 024

Once you walk through the arch you can see the courtyard and some of the remains of the castle.

chateau de franchmont 048

chateau de franchimont 036

chateau de franchmont 046

chateau de franchimont 027

Back to the outside again. I loved the plant life on the walls!

chateau de franchimont 037

chateau de franchimont 042

chateau de franchimont 009

Here you can see one of the lovely views of the village below.

chateau de franchimont 031

If you do get the opportunity to go, visitors information can be found on the Château de Franchimont website (in French, but Google Translate does a passable job of translating the important bits). I highly recommend paying the extra €1.50 for the audiotour. It's interesting to wander around in the ruins but it's even more interesting if you know a little more about it!


I'm linking this C is for Castle/Château post up to Mrs. Matlock's AlphabeThursday. Go have a gander over there are find out what other fun C's people wrote about!

Jenny Matlock

Monday, June 04, 2012

Menu Plan Monday- June 4, 2012

Last week was all about not turning on the oven because I didn't want to heat things up. If the forecast holds true for this week, I might be changing my menu this week and using the oven everyday just so I don't cave in and turn the heater on!!

The Speedy Salmon and Leek One Pot was indeed very speedy. I served it with couscous and the fish was steamed just right!

I also thought the Seafood Macaroni salad was a hit. I used half the amount of mayo and subbed Greek yogurt for the rest.

This week:

Sloppy Joes- Martijn requested these and I decided I'd make some coleslaw to go along side them.

Asian Inspired Slaw- Since cabbage is the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving, and giving... I decided I'd make this with the leftover cabbage from the normal coleslaw. I'll grill some chicken to toss in because it's quite tasty that way.

Slavinken and Mashed Cauliflower with Something Green to Accompany It- I am going to check out the market and see what vegetables look appealing and go from there.

Orange Chicken with Fried Cauliflower "Rice"- I was going through my Pinterest boards this morning and discovered I have about 10 different recipes for orange chicken. I need to start trying them so I thought I'd begin with this one and since mashed cauliflower only takes a half a head, I can use the other half to make pretend fried rice.
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