Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Celebrations

We had a wild blizzard last night.

First Snow!
Okay, okay, maybe blizzard is overstating it a little bit. It was a little exciting though because the only time it snowed last season was when I flew home to Utah in March, and then I saw real snow.

Living in another country during the holiday season can be a challenge. The celebrations and traditions are different and it's very easy to fall into being homesick and lonely. I feel really grateful that the North American Women's Club has a Thanksgiving celebration each year because there's no way on earth I'd be able to cook a turkey in my micro-sized oven, let alone everything else to go along with it! One of the ladies is gracious enough to let us invade her house on a Saturday around Thanksgiving and we gather together and share good company and good FOOD! She cooks the turkey (which our club dues go towards every year) and then everyone brings a dish to share. I took cranberry relish and stuffing! Both of which I will be posting recipes for in the coming days.

Thanksgiving Table

I really wish I'd snapped a picture when everyone was sitting down and all the food was on the table. It was so so good! We had turkey (of course), mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry relish, stuffing, corn pudding, salad with tons of veggies and a vinegar dressing, sweet potatoes, green been casserole, pea casserole (just like the green been casserole, but with peas), cornbread with corn in it, and for dessert someone made pumpkin pie and someone else made a pecan pie.

The best part was just getting together, like a big crazy family.


Martijn said...

And it all tasted great, too. Especially the stuffing of course.

Sonya said...

Aaww that is really great!! I just ordered my turkey and will get it on tuesday. It will just be the 4 of us but I hope to have another family join us someday(need to find another american couple or something around It sounds like you had a fabulous time and the food sounded great!!

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Wow...a pretty nice place you got there! :)

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