Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fragments- August 21, 2009

Fridays Fragments & Freewrites are brain dumps. Bits and pieces of the week that you haven't otherwise mentioned. Strange thoughts that come to you while you're in the shower. Odd things that happen to you on the street. They can be completely random and unrelated and that's why I loooove them. It's easier for me to write about things in short sentences or paragraphs than trying to write an entire post. What can I say? It's because I'm lazy.

My in-laws came over for dinner tonight. I made the Rice with Mushrooms, Seafood, and Artichokes along with some zucchini bread before. You should've seen my mother-in-laws face when I told her it was courgettecake. I think she was convinced I had tried to pull a fast one on her! I'm glad I can share amazing things such as zucchini bread with them.

On Wednesday morning I got up before the crack of dawn to ride to Germany with one of the ladies from the NAWC. We were taking some friends of hers to an airport to pick up a rental car. You'd think, why not just rent a car in The Netherlands? Apparently, they saved €500 ($715-ish) by crossing the border! Anyhow, after we dropped them off we went to a little cute place called Kevelaer to do some grocery shopping. German grocery stores have a way bigger selection of a lot of things so it was fun to poke around and see what we could find. I bought some Schwip Schwap (orange flavored cola) for Martijn and a couple of food mixes and some guacamole seasoning for myself.


After the fun in Germany, I had to make a not as fun trip to the doctor to get moles removed. It didn't hurt, but they burned the one on my armpit off and that did not smell nice (the burning mole, my armpit smelled just fine thank you very much). I always seem to have mole-regret after I get moles removed because my body parts never look quite right afterwards. They put them in little jars which -I- then had to deliver to the lab myself. I'm not sure what's worse... carting my moles along on my bike, or the pee jars!

You know how after you say a word several times in a row it stops sounding like a word? I'm feeling that way about mole right now.

Orange Sewing Machine Lady flaked on me, and so I was feeling cross and grumpy and put out. She did e-mail me late the night we were supposed to meet, but I've been pouting about it and haven't responded. My mom told me to e-mail her back because it was stupid not to get it because I was mad. She's right, but I'm still mad.

After writing about Picnik last week and the problems I had been having, it seems to be behaving a little better. It doesn't like to do more than about 4 or 5 pictures on Nettie before it starts flipping out and making me restart Firefox, but it's not having the weird unfixable errors like it was having before. This is good news!

It was STIFLINGLY hot yesterday. Being from the desert, I can handle the heat... but this humidity is ridiculous. It was making me long for nice cool airconditioned spaces. It's usually about 10-15 degrees cooler in the basement where our storage closet is. I've considered on more than one occasion running a really really long CAT5 cable out the window and down into that room so I could just hang out there. I've not completely discounted it as being an option in the future.

I've had several people ask about the crockpot salsa chicken recipe. It's so simple I'm almost ashamed. Toss your chicken in the crock, dump in a jar or two of salsa (I wouldn't use fresh since you're cooking it all day anyways), and half a block of cream cheese. Cook on low 6 hours, then toss in a can of corn and a can (or equivalent) of black beans. Cook another hour or so and there you go. I like making it with leg quarters since I prefer the flavor of the dark meat, but that's a little messier than if you make it with breasts.

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Sara Elizabeth Bonds said...

Have a wonderful visit with the in-laws. I am sure they will love what you make for them. Rice with Mushrooms, Seafood, and Artichokes sounds AMAZING! Yum.

Beautiful photo :o)

Happy FF!!!

brainella said...

Thanks for the clarification on the mole vs. armpit smell. :-)

I'm not a real crock pot cooker, but I really want to try that chicken recipe.

Good luck with orange sewing machine lady. I really want to see it. I know that is selfish, but where else will I get to see one? :)

Unknown Mami said...

The sewing machine incident is annoying, but if you can still get it why not?

Noodle said...

Me and johnny were making a list of the moles I need to had removed... I know I told you I was moledy.... And he was like do you want the two on your face removed...NO I would look like me... I know that sounds strange who would want moles on there face... Apparently me... But yeah I think with in the next week or so I'm going to go talk to the doc about my moledy self... Thank you for driving me to do what I've needed to do for years... I guess I'm just a big follower...
Glad to hear that it was the mole not your arm pit that smelled bad... =)

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and marking me as a favorite. Please visit often :)
I have to tell you I love how your up-graded your vintage sewing box. Excellent!!

Kris said...

That crockpot chicken sounds awesome!! I've seen the recipe somewhere before...I'll definitely have to try it though!!

Amy said...

You are so funny! Even the most mundane things can be an hilarious story if told by you. Thanks for the laugh and picturing you riding around with some jars full of moles! So funny!

bluecottonmemory said...

The crockpot chicken and salsa sounds so great! I'll have to give it a try! My husband and I spent one month in the Netherlands before our first son was born. We loved it:)

thatgirlblogs said...

mole. molemolemole.

Mesina said...

Happy SITS Saturday sharefest!
Hoi!! So cool I've found your blog today through SITS. My other half is Dutch and I've spent some time in Holland (I love it there....I would so love to move there) We currently live in the UK but I am not native to this country either. In fact I moved here from the states 10 years ago. The blog is great! I've followed you - Tot ziens! x

Stephanie Faris said...

Visiting from SITS.

OUCH. My friend had about 12 moles removed from her neck at once. She said it was more painful than her nose job and tattoo. Okay, she's a little weird...but it was painful.

Stacey said...

You had quite a week! And a very interesting one as well!

I have a mole on my face I'd like to have removed, but I'm too scared!

Hope next week is another adventurous one for you! :-)

Days of Whine & Noses said...

thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

Christa said...

Wow! You've been busy. That chicken sounds delicious, I'm jealous you can just drive to Germany, and I know exactly what you mean about repeating words and they no longer sound like a word.

Joanna Jenkins said...

You had me at "crockpot". I use mine all the time.

4 Lettre Words said...

You are too funny! Love these fragments.

And, that rice dish sounds awesome. I'm a HUGE fan of artichokes!!

Mrs4444 said...

Yea! I love the simplicity of that recipe!

Yea! I love that you won my Picnik giveaway and that you let me know it was you! I have the info to send you on my other computer and will send it tonight some time :)

Mole removal-Not so exciting, huh? Glad you are taking care of yourself, though.

Love that comment about how words sound strange after a while. The same thing happens when hand-writing some words, too. Funny.

Wizardress said...

Thanks for that recipe. It sounds good. I did chicken in the crock pot earlier this week with carrots, potatoes, onions and celery along with some seasonings. When it was finished I added some cream of mushroom soup and it was GOOD!!

Sounds like your momin law reacted to the zuchhin the same way mine did the first time I gave her carrot cake. I've seen it since in some restaurants, but it has some freaky frosting that is not like the traditional cream cheese which is best with carrot cake.

*hugs* Miss you!

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

Wow! That recipe is so easy, and sounds so YUMMY! I love stumbling across new stuff to do in the crockpot!

The picture is gorgeous! I would love to travel "across the pond" on the these days.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back, for sure!

lovemenot said...

What do you serve the chicken with?

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