Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Fragments- July 3, 2009


Happy July Everyone!

I spent the last couple of days in a friends pool. Despite my liberal and many sunscreen applications, my arms and legs are itchy and bumpy and red. Still, I had an awesome time and it was nice to be in the COOL pool instead of in the hot muggy death of my apartment.

Someone, who asked to remain nameless, was wondering if birds that ate cherry pits pooped out the pits whole. We mentioned it to someone else today and she said, "Haven't you ever heard a bird SQUAWK, that's why!"

I made a cherry blueberry pie for the 4th of July BBQ tomorrow. It has a big star shaped piece of dough for the top crust. I really really hope it tastes good. I used canned cherries with some extra cornstarch for thickening instead of cherry pie filling.

I mentioned last week in my fragments post that I'd had my eyes dilated. Well, I'd also had blood drawn and given a urine sample, which they then promptly lost. How kind of them.

In America when I'd needed to give a urine sample, I was given the specimen cup at the doctors office and just took care of it there. Not so here. You do it at home and then bring it with you. I always feel awkward cycling with a jar of pee on my bike. It's just not normal.

There's really not much else to report. I've not been doing much, it's just too hot and muggy.

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grey said...

You realize you're 19.7 times more likely to crash spectacularly while carrying liquids on a bicycle, right? And it'll either splash on a part of your clothing that'll make those rushing up to help you wonder how you managed to pee on your own shoulder while your pants stayed pristine, *or* will fling out in a glistening, eye-catching arc around your air-borne body so that for weeks afterward witnesses will remark about "dat slechte Amerikaanse meisje dat zo doen schrikken was urineerde zij terwijl het vliegen door de lucht" (go! go! babelfish!) For this reason I suggest taking a bus. At least then, if it crashes, you can blame the pee stain on someone else.

Vonlipi said...

We don't have any cherry trees around here, but we have plenty of blackberries, so I'm looking forward to cleaning purple poo from my deck LOL!

It took me quite a long while to figure where all that purple came from!

blushing rose said...

Liquid Vit. C applied on a sunburn will have it healed by nightfall ... miracle! Trust me, it works. May freedom continue to ring ... Happy 4th ... TTFN ~ Marydon

Sonya said...

Aahh that pool looks sooo nice! Hasn't it been awful the last few days? I could barely move. Yesterday out of nowhere we went from extremem heat to dark grey clouds,thunder and lightening and hail. The temp dropped thank goodness but our brick house is like an oven and it's only gone down to 24 celcius in here:(

I made patriotic cupcakes today. Your cherry blueberry pie sounds great:)

Mrs4444 said...

Grey-VERY funny!

That thing about why birds squawk-hilarious!

Very impressed about the pie. I hope you took photos!!

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