Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sundays in My City: Eindhoven Railway Station

Today's Sundays in My City is brought to you by the grumbly in my tummy that asked for a döner kebab sandwich for lunch. The kebab place is at the train station, so that's what you get to see!

Can you find my bicycle in this chaos?*
Bikes at the Station

This is the front of the station. It's designed to look like an old timey radio.
Eindhoven Station

See the antenna?
Eindhoven Station

And the dial?
Bikes at the Train Station

Stay tuned for next week's episode of Sunday's in My City which might be sponsored by something besides my growling stomach! In the meantime, go check out everyone else's links at Unknown Mami's blog.

Unknown Mami

*It's really there, but I can't find it in those photos either!


Tijn said...

I suppose it's a good thing I'm married to you, so I can at least try to keep you on track

Unknown Mami said...

That's funny, I was going to ask if you could find your bike in that photo.

Thank you to your grumbly tummy!

Life with Kaishon said...

I couldn't find your bike : ) How hard is that? : ) I hope your lunch was good. I like the creativity in the architecture. Very cool!

brainella said...

Holy moley. How long did it take to find your bike?

That is a pretty nifty rail station.

Noodle said...

Holy cow how did you get home... I thought finding my car in walmarts parking lot was bad... But hey you win I would never be able to find my bike in all that!!! I've heard that those kabob things are really yummy!

Life Abroad said...

What a neat train station! It definitely does look like a vintage radio!

Emma said...

Woah!! That's alot of bikes!! x

Sharinskishe said...

Wow! Look at all the bikes! I would hate to try to find mine in there, I know I would loose it. I would have to put a ribbon around the handle bars or a tassel of beads or something!

Have a wonderful one.........


Jnette said...

I have never seen sooo many bikes in one place at one time! That was really cool! The train station is pretty neat!

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