Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Secret to Good Pancakes

A few months ago I tried to make pancakes and they were NOT GOOD. In a fit of rage I got on eBay and ordered myself an old Tupperware Mix 'n Store because that's what my mom and grandma always used to make GOOD pancakes. Logically, the bowl I mix these in should have no impact on the quality of my pancakes, but I swear they've been better since I got this!


Here's a shot of the other side.


Of course, I can't show you my pancake mixing bowl without giving you a recipe, can I? This is a slightly modified version of the pancake recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.

You will need:
1 1/4 cup flour
2 Tbsp sugar
2 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp salt
1 1/3 cups milk
1 egg, slightly beaten
Vegetable oil

In your fabulous pancake mixing bowl mix your milk, egg, and a glug of oil (1-2 tbsp). Sift the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt into the milk and mix GENTLY until the flour is just moistened. It's okay if it's still lumpy. Don't overmix it or you'll have hard hockey puck pancakes and be very sad.

I find cooking pancakes in an electric skillet to be far more simple than on the stove, but use what you have. Heat a bit of oil in the pan. Pour the batter by 1/4 cupfulls onto the hot griddle. Cook until the pancake is bubbly and the bubbles start to pop. It'll also start looking dull when it's ready to flip. Turn the pancakes and cook until the other side is a nice golden brown. Repeat until all the batter is used. I find this makes 8-10 pancakes.

Serve with jam or syrup and enjoy!

Breakfast for Dinner

P.S. I do use this for other things, but I bought it specifically for those dang pancakes!


Coloradolady said...

Mub...I have two of these and that is what I use them for too! My mom always used this for making pancakes. I always look for more at garage sale or estate sales, these are GREAT and as far as I am concerned, the ONLY thing to make pancake batter in!!

Have a great VTT!!

ClassyChassy said...

Fabulous mixing bowl, indeed! Thanks for sharing your secrets!!! Have a great day!

LV said...

What time to you serve breakfast? Your post makes me hungry. You did a good job. Thanks for taking the time to drop my post.

Grey said...

I'm not surprised it makes them better. Those steep sides and small footprint probably help incorporate air faster and limit how fast it can escape. Probably makes mixing more efficient, too, so less stirring and less chance of making wallpaper paste. Physics! It's cool!

Whoever thought to put a handle on a bowl should get the Nobel prize. Who do I write to get the ball rolling on that?

~~Carol~~ said...

Now if only you had the secret to flipping the perfect pancake! I just made pancakes for my daughter the other day, and she would much rather that her Dad make them than me, because they end up folding in half when I flip them! I will look for one of these, because I also make a mess using a bowl to pour the batter!

The Redhead Riter said...

Stopping by from SITS to say HI

I use that same bowl for making pancakes. Easy clean up and a handle to hold while stirring.

Erika said...

I remember one of those bowls in my mom's kitchen growing up! How funny. I think she still has it. I have glass version of it I got at a kitchen store a few years ago. Remember the velveta keeper and the pickle thing I don't remember the exact name. I loved the pickle thing. I saw one at a thrift store recently and just laughed. I should have snatched it.


CC said...

Love anything Tupperware and I've no doubt, this makes the best pancakes. :)
Happy VTT and have a lovely weekend.


I really do believe the container has everything to do with it...well yummy food! My Noni baked bread...we all try the same recipe now...never somes out the same!We believe it was her "nasty"s we called them pans! Happy VTT!

Dreamgirl said...

Mmmm... that breakfast looked so good (way better than my toast with peanutbutter!)

Just visiting you from SITS - hope you have a great weekend. Feel free to come visit me at SweeterLiving, I love visitors!

Greetings from Spain

Sharinskishe said...

I love my container like yours so much that I packed it in a special box to be unpacked first when we moved over 2 years ago. In that box in also my family's cookbook. I can't find my box!!!! Maybe this year I will find it. No, I have not been actively searching everyday. But it is frustrating that the box says, important, put inside new house! (My hubby got to overwhelmed when we moved and just put things everywhere and anywhere. So sad.)

I have a mixing bowl in the same shape, minus the handle that I use and when the kids borrow it for popcorn, I have a meltdown! Boy do I sound like a basket case or what?

Anyway, I can't decide to thank you for sharing the great 'bowl' with us, or cursing you for reminding me that I have not found mine yet!~~~~

I guess since I can't decide, I will just send you wishes for a wonderful weekend! Hope the sun in shining on you (well not directly, I don't want you to have any problems), hope the rain is distant and that the heat is bearable. I just wish you the best.

Thanks for sharing all your wonder ideas and adventures.


Mrs4444 said...

Oh, you just had to go and leave a photo, too, didn't you?! Now I'm hungry!!

Bea said...

I have a couple of these bowls in different sizes. They are great mixing bowls because of the handle and spout.

Libby said...

How much do you love having cup-measurements?
That's the first thing I had my family send over. I got tired of trying to convert things!

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