Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Road Trippin'

Mount Rushmore

When I was in the US this spring, I had the fabulous opportunity to drive to Minnesota with my grandparents to see one of my uncles and his cute family. We took a slight detour from the "usual" route and drove past Mount Rushmore. It's pretty fantastic. We didn't go up into the visitors center, but I can't wait to go back and take Martijn! We also went past the Crazy Horse monument. That thing is going to be MASSIVE if they ever finish it. It's the entire mountain for pete's sake.

Crazy Horse

I asked Grandpa what route we were going to be taking to get to Minnesota, and he told me we'd be going slightly into Colorado, up through and across Wyoming. Once we got to South Dakota, we'd then drive approximately a million miles to the border of Minnesota. He wasn't kidding. That is one seriously wide state! It was such a pretty drive though.

Once we got to Minnesota I finally got to meet some of my family that I hadn't gotten to meet before! Right before Martijn and I were married, the twins were born. It would've been completely insane to travel with barely born twins and since I moved a short three months later, I hadn't had a chance to meet them. It'd been ages since I'd seen the other two boys, and I can't believe how big they all are... and BUSY. I also got to meet Tommy the 6-toed cat.



blushing rose said...

Where in Holland are you? were you? Holland is our favorite place in this world, it truly beckons us, haunts us to return ... we've been 3 times thus far. TTFN ~Marydon

Noodle said...

we saw mount rushmore like 3 years ago... We came in from the forest... The back way I guess on a rollercoaster road and trew little tunnels that would barly fit a single car... And the we went to bear country usa that was super cool too... When you go back with Tijn you have to check it out I have never seen so many bears and little cubs... Plus a ton of other native animals and they are running around your the one locked up in your car... it was way fun...

Alea said...

I so want to see Mount Rushmore! Every time we move cross country I make elaborate travel plans to see as many sights as possible, but some how I have not been able to convince my husband that Mt. Rushmore was on the way to Virginia from So. Cal. or between Florida and Nevada.

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