Sunday, July 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday- July 13, 2009

I didn't manage to get to everything on my list last week. We had lots more food from outside sources than I expected (thanks to my mother-in-law!). This week, rather than doing any carryovers I think I'm going to start a fresh list consisting mostly of salads.

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Leftovers from Saturday & Sunday

Sausage and Potato Pie- Martijn is cooking this for his weekly dinner club, we'll need to come up with a good veggie side dish.

Chicken Cobb Salad

Garbanzo and Tuna Salad- I think I'm going to use this as a starting place. I'm not sure if I love parsley quite enough to use an entire cup.

Bistro Dinner Salad

I'm going to make a big pot of white asparagus soup to serve with this throughout the week as well.

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