Saturday, July 25, 2009

Late Friday Fragments- July 24, 2009

I know it's Saturday. I'm still going to do my Friday Fragments, BECAUSE I CAN!

I was cycling home from an appointment yesterday and got pooped on by a bird. Martijn took great delight in telling me that the birds had decided to start giving me crap.

We bought a couple of new plants. They are cacti, and we named them Francis and George. We haven't named any of our other plants, but maybe if they have names then I will bond with them and not let them die (plus, they're cacti for pete's sake, they probably won't die if I forget to water them for 3 months a few days).

francis and george

My cute sister in law is headed to backpack through Argentina! I hope she has a good time.

I have found my dream sewing machine on Marktplaats (The Dutch version of eBay mashed with craigslist), but the woman hasn't e-mailed me back yet to tell me if it A: works and B: how many billions of euros she wants for it. I'm on the edge of my seat here people! I REALLY REALLY WANT IT.

I was featured on Traveling the Blogosphere!!! TTB features bloggers and their homes or places they've visited around the world. It's quite a lot of fun, you should check it out and add your places to be featured.

I went to my Tupperware party last week and splashed out on a new breadbox. It better be as cool as they claim it is. If it's not, then I'm going to start mailing my moldy bread to their headquarters in protest.

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Noodle said...

maybe I need to name my plants to keep them alive...(I named Sammy and she is still alive heheheh I better name little sister soon!)... I over water them or forget to water them... Johnny has to water my garden to get it to grow... But he still lets me call it mine =) he is too sweet!

brainella said...

Yeah, I'm pretty effective at killing off plants. That's why I don't name then -- I'd probably be much sadder when they died off. :-)

Life Abroad said...

haha oh my gosh that is too funny: i name my plants too so that i won't let them die! if i don't name them, i don't water them.

thank you for the tip about giethoorn. i was so curious about the venice of holland that i went to their website, and have planned a trip there with my friend from canada when she visits! it looks so beautiful, and we're planning on renting a boat to take through all the canals! thanks so much, because if you hadn't mentioned it, i would have never known about it!

Mrs4444 said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to get here!!! Better late than never, right?

My cactus is the happiest plant in our house, and it's probably because I rarely go near it. I wish Francis and George all the best!

Good luck with getting the sewing machine!! I hope you have better luck than when you were on the bike ride, haha

Unknown Mami said...

I always name my plants. They seem like part of the family, but it makes it sadder if they die.

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