Friday, March 06, 2009

Witness Protection

The ground level in our apartment building was remodeled last year and a new intercom/doorbell system was installed. When they were doing this, we filled out a form to get our new nameplates made. Not only did we have to wait 3 months to get them, but here is what they looked like:

Misspelled Nameplate

I think we got put into witness protection because they not only flubbed up my name (which is pretty common here since Dutch words don't have double consonants at the end), but they gave Martijn a completely NEW last name. I wonder what sort of secrets they thought we needed protection for having.


Jnette said...

That is really funny!

Noodle said...

Well as long as the pepole who want to find you for good reason can find you I guess its OK being semi incognito... How funny..

A Touch of Dutch said...

At least you're prepared for when/if you ever do need witness protection ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'll be changing your address in my address book to match this then? :P

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