Saturday, March 14, 2009

Changing Weather

I didn't close the bedroom door last night, and when I woke up about 7 I thought that the light in the livingroom was on. I got up and realized that the light was not on, something even stranger- the SUN was out.

Perfect! Martijn was helping a friend move so I figured I would busy myself by going to the thrift store and the market. I even decided that I only needed a jacket since it was so nice outside.

Foggy Eyes

Yah, I live in The Netherlands. I really should know better than to count on the weather staying nice for more than 7 minutes at a time. At least my jacket had a hood.


Jnette said...

Aw! Poor you! Did you bike ride?

Amy said...

I LOVE your picture! So sorry about the yucky weather out there. At least you can make up for it with tons of history and cool sights. There is nothing to make up for the yucky weather here other than hope for summer.

Sonya said...

LOL,oh boy I feel for ya. I ran around the hosue yesterday and threw open all the windows to air things out. I no more did that and the sun went away,it got dark and the rain started. I was seriously thinking of sticking capris on and asking Edwin if we could bbq! LOL Im really craving

Anonymous said...

*throws a towel* :/

Noodle said...

See all my moms coat naging worked at least you had a jacket on hehehe... My mom is so proud of you.... Even in the middleof summer my mom asks where my jacket is... Its nice when it actually comes in handy!

Wizardress said...

The picture is adorable, and yep your right- blink your eeys and the weather will change here.


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