Thursday, March 26, 2009


Remember this post in which I observed that it was starting to look like spring?


I lied.


Amy said...

The funny thing is you seem to be having the exact weather we are having here. I don't understand it, but I think it is absolutely hilarious! thanks for making me laugh tonight!

Sonya said...

I know,I lied

Martijn said...

Well, that was spring. Remember the nice weather last week? That was summer. It's autumn now.

Anonymous said...

you haz snow?

Sharinskishe said...

What?~! ARE YOU having a cold spell with snow??? or just cold???

Sorry that you, too, have to endure a false alarm for spring! I will be putting the next paragraph into my e-mail to Mother Nature.

"It is not funny, Mother Nature!! Why are you being so pranky this spring? It really isn't nice to tease us all. We are a little grumpy about it and it is all your fault!"

I hope Mother Nature will give us a nice spring and just right summer, as penance for teasing us so badly. We deserve to be treated better!! We are trying to take care of her Earth and all.

OK, this has gone far enough. Let the sunshine in........

Take care and bundle up!


Jnette said...

Spring is so fickle here too! In the 60's for days...then plumets to the 40's,,, brrrr.

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