Monday, March 23, 2009

Little Chapel in the Woods

The weather was so nice yesterday that it seemed a shame not to go out and enjoy it.

Picture 2313

We headed to Oirschot, a town not too far from here, to do a geocache. 's-Heerenvijvers is an estate dating back to the 1600s. Now it's mostly an open forest with trails, but evidences of the fence still exist in places.

's-Heerenvijvers- Fence

We came across this kapelletje (literally "little chapel") along the way.

's-Heerenvijvers- Little Chapel

These little chapels are pretty common in the south of The Netherlands where Catholicism is the more dominant religion. Oftentimes you'll see them along the roadside. Here's a close up of the inside.

's-Heerenvijvers- Little Chapel

We did about a 3 mile walk, solving puzzles along the way, and found our cache. It was a good day.

Picture 2322


Sonya said...

Our weather was awful yesterday and it cant seem to make up it's mind today. I love the photos you took! The little chapel is so neat looking.

So what do you do with the cache when you find it? do you keep whats inside,add something else,re-hide it? I dont know alot about it but it sounds like fun! love the photo of you!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, i like the fence picture :)

Sarah said...

I just love your pictures! I gave you award for your beautiful blog.

DarcyLee said...

Sounds like a beautiful day with beautiful scenery to take in.

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