Thursday, September 18, 2008

"NEW" Sewing Machine!

I like old sewing machines. I have 3 (well, 4 if you count the one living at my parents... 5 if you count my overlocker... *coughs6coughs* if you count the modern machine my cute husband gave me).

I have a particular love for the older Viking/Husqvarna models. My first machine was a Viking Husqvarna, and one of the first that I learned to sew on was as well. I can't be sure if the first machine I actually sewed on was my mom's Viking or my grandma's Bernina (maybe they remember, but I sure can't). Anyhow, I'm blabbering...

I've had my eye out for my dream machine, but the only ones that I've found have been 200€ and as much as I love these machines, that's too much! In my searches, I've stumbled upon some interesting ones. My favorite was the one that advertised it was stuck in reverse, but that wouldn't be a problem since you could just sit on the backside of the machine and sew from there. I think it was pretty obvious that person hadn't had much experience sewing things.

My latest acquisition is this Husqvarna 6020, which was made sometime in the early to mid 70s.

Husqvarna 6020

She needed some love. So, in true husbandly fashion, the first thing that happened to her when I walked through the door was this:

Sewing Machine Repair Man

This machine has nifty little cams that you poke into the back and then turn the knobs to the corresponding colors to get the patterns. The reverse button was sticking a little bit, and that was causing the pattern formers to not work as they should, so Martijn did his magic and got that taken care of. We also had a very blown up capacitor during this process, but that's fixed now too.

One of the best parts though, is in the case of this machine there was a slightly battered old envelope.

Picture 1390-1
(text on the envelope says "Husqvarna Patterns for nice little presents.")

Picture 1397

I want to make the little frog, I think he's hilarious.


Coloradolady said...

I love old sewing machines too. Love the little frog. He is cute. I would so make that. Is it a bean bag?

Diane said...

Super sewing machine! Can you reeeeally have too many sewing machines?? And thanks for translating that envelope. Best wishes in making your frog :)

sista #2 said...

That has such a 70's look to it!

love it


Grandma Faith said...

You have yourself a nice sewing machine and a sweet husband. I have had four sewing machines in my life, but only one at a time. When my husband can't fix them anymore, he throws them away and gets me another one. He should either buy better machines or get better at fixing them. I do actually have a nice machine right now. I'll hush, have a good one.

marybt said...

I like that little frog too! Cool sewing machine.

Elizabeth said...

I don't even own 1 sewing maching; I couldn't see the need for more than that until reading your post! I learn something new every Thursday with you ladies!

Threeundertwo said...

I don't feel too bad about having 3 sewing machines now.

Those older machines were so well made, they're worth resuscitating. You are lucky to have a husband who knows how to do it.

I love the frog! I think you should make it!

Isabella said...

Your blog is very nice! And it looks like you have a lot of talent & love for crafts :) I need to dust my sewing machine off & begin some projects soon.. I wanted to stop by & personally thank you for your comment on my blog today. Do you mind if I add your blog to my list of expats in the Netherlands?

Have a great weekend!

mub said...

Coloradolady: I think it's just polyfil, but I haven't summoned up the courage to read the instructions because it'll likely take me half an afternoon since they're in Dutch *L*

Thanks Isabella! I wouldn't mind at all if you add me to your list of expats =) I enjoy reading your blog as well! Lots of good info =D

A Touch of Dutch said...

Wonderful :)
I've added your link to my Expats in Nederland blog list on the sidebar!

Dee said...

Vintage is fun. I managed to finally get my hands on my mother's very first edition of the Betty Crocker Cookbook. Naturally it's missing nearly everything except the pages. I'll have to take some photos and post them because it's a book that hasn't changed much over time, with the exception of some of the helpful comments in between on how to manage a well-oiled home, family and husband.

Zair said...

The frog is cuuuuute! :D

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