Monday, September 08, 2008

Menu Plan Monday- September 8, 2008

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I didn't make the "curry" last week because I was too lazy to soak my chickpeas, but strangely enough I wasn't too lazy to soak black beans for the Black Bean Taco Salad... which wasn't even on the menu. I still had everything for it in the fridge and pantry so I don't feel -too- bad about that. I made little tacos with won ton wrappers with the leftover beans and a little bit of ground beef one night too, and those are definitely yummy.

This is a short week. Martijn is going out to dinner tonight with his work, and we're leaving Friday morning for Germany so I don't need to cook that day either! It's also very possible he's having his weekly dinner meeting, but that's not set in stone yet. So I have two meals planned for sure, plus one maybe.

Herbed Cauliflower Casserole- I have been pigging out on roasted cauliflower lately, so I thought I'd try something slightly different. This looks taaasty.

Sloppy Joes and veggies (I'm going to the market tomorrow- I'll see what's on sale). We should have leftovers of this if Martijn doesn't have his dinner this week. If not I'll eat it for lunch or we'll toss it in the freezer.

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Nicole McDevitt said...

Mmmm...the herbed cauliflower casserole sounds good. I've been wanting to make aloi gobi which is cauliflower and potatoes in an indian curry sauce. Speaking of curry, my recipe for chicken curry is just pan fried chicken finished off in a bottle of Trader Joes curry sauce. It's the best!

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