Friday, September 26, 2008

Hairy E-mail

I have a confession to make. It took a great long while before I realized that the Thunderbird icon in my quickstart tray was not a little envelope with blue hair.

An envelope with hair?! "Why would they make the icon an envelope with hair?" you are likely thinking. Well, I don't know. It never occurred to me that an envelope with blue hair wasn't a brilliant plan for an e-mail client icon. I'd even seen the fullsize icon and not made the connection.

I'm a little slow.


tijntje said...


Jeffrey said...

That is hillarious! You are so stinking funny Kim! I sure miss you.

grey said...

Crap. I'm going to see that from now on. At least it's an attractive hair cut. Rather anime-ish with the color, but I assume that's just targeting them crazy younguns with their roller skates and nipples rings and lax attitudes. Damned kids...

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