Saturday, November 14, 2009

A few how-tos!

In an effort to come up with something witty and brilliant to post about today, I was browsing through last year's archives of around this time... and I still got nothing.

Last year I posted a nice picture I drew. This year I won't expose you to the horrors of my drawing skills. Instead I'm just going to post links to previous how-to posts. Maybe it'll give me the kick in the bum I need to FIND MY MOJO!

"Tie" Dyed Eggs- Please don't make fun of me for my typo, I just now realized what I did. I think I need to republish that post with the CORRECT spelling of dyed. Sheesh, how embarrassing. In any case, I think this would be fun to try with blown eggs to use for Christmas tree ornaments.
Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

Brewing Vanilla Extract- If you do this project TOMORROW you will probably have a decent vanilla in time for Christmas baking... but just barely.

Ribbon Blankie- I mentioned this the other day in my Diaper Cake post. They're pretty fast to whip up and nice to have on hand for gifts.
Ribbon blankie

Pillowcases- These are quick to whip up and darn cute if I do say so myself.

Button Wreaths- I ought to make some red, white, and green wreaths like this for Christmas... but maybe I ought to scratch some things off of yesterday's list before I go jumping into another project!
Button Wreath Complete

If I wasn't so tired, I'd probably have just motivated myself into doing something! Have a great weekend everyone.


brainella said...

Those pillow cases are lovely. I really like them. And I've always wanted to try the vanilla. You are such a crafty inspiration. :)

Nancy Campbell said...


Noodle said...

I love the rick rac on the pillow case!!! well I just love rick rac... me and my mom call it ricka racka and it makes me want to do a cheer type dance.... ricka rack ricka rack yeah rick rac.... k so yeah I know I'm strange but that makes you stranger still for being my friend =D

Alison said...

Oh, the button wreath is such a good idea! I've got a box full of buttons that I sort of inherited from my grandmother and I've wanted something to do with them.

Wizardress said...

I love the pillow cases and well all your creativities :)

Cat said...


I love your blog- thanks for commenting on mine as well!

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