Sunday, August 24, 2008

Button Wreath

I had a LOT of buttons and a couple of hours to kill today. So I decided I'd make a button wreath and take pictures of how I did it. Here's how it'll look when it's done.

Button Wreath Complete

You will need the following:

A scrap of cardboard big enough to make your wreath on (the size is up to you)
A piece of felt large enough to cover the front and back of your cardboard (either match or contrast with the color of your buttons)
A hefty stack of buttons of all sizes
Hot glue gun (I stole my husband's)
A short piece of rick rack or ribbon for the hanger
A pen and something circular to make your wreath shapes

Button Wreath Tut 1
Take your lovely scrap cardboard and trace a circle. The bigger the circle, the bigger your wreath. Cut out your circle with a sharp pair of scissors.

Button Wreath Tut 2
Trace a smaller inside circle. If you make a small inside circle, then the width of your wreath will be thicke. A bigger inside circle will result in a narrower wreath.

Button Wreath Tut 3
Cut out the inner circles, leaving you with nice a nice cardboard donut. Don't eat it, you will be sad because it doesn't taste nice like a real donut ;)

Button Wreath Tut 4
Cut a circle of felt the same size as your cardboard donut. Trace the inner circle and snip the inside like an asterisk up to the edges of the drawn line.

Button Wreath Tut 5
Borrow your husbands hot glue gun and get it nice and toasty.

Button Wreath Tut 6
Glue the felt piece to the cardboard, and on the other side fold the cut pieces up and glue them to the back. This will cover the cardboard in the inner hole.

Button Wreath Tut 7
Next, cut another circle of felt, but this time you'll want it bigger than the cardboard donut. Cut out a center hole the same size as the donut hole.

Button Wreath Tut 8
Center the felt over the hole and glue it on the backside. Then clip the felt around the outer edge so you can fold it over.

Button Wreath Tut 9
Use a piece of rick rack or ribbon for your hanger and glue it to the back under the felt.

Button Wreath Tut 10
Fold all the snipped bits over and glue them. Your hanger will be in the way a little bit, but you can fold it back up before you glue the buttons on.

Button Wreath Tut 11
Ogle your nice stack of pretty buttons.

Button Wreath Tut 12
Start gluing on the buttons in a single layer on top of the felt.

Button Wreath Tut 13
Continue gluing the buttons. If you have gaps, that's okay because you can cover them up with the next layer of buttons.

Button Wreath Tut 14
Hide the spaces by layering the buttons. I did it in a rather haphazard manner, but I think it works for projects like these. The bottom layer is the slightly less interesting buttons, and the upper layers are the cuter ones.

Button Wreath Tut 15
Add any last buttons you wish to complete your wreath and clean up the stray hotglue hairs.


Anonymous said...

that is too adorable!!

thanks for stopping by! :)

Wizardress said...

Wonder where all those buttons came from heehee

That is SOOO cute! I love it!

Tanielle said...

Cute project! Looks great!

Have a great far away!:-)

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

What a great button wreath! I'm so glad you linked up...others HAVE to see this! ;)

Kim said...

Very pretty! I love it!

Kelli said...

This is cute and I love the way you gave step by step.

Shelby, Patrick and Kids said...

This is so fun and such a great use of buttons!

Katie said...

Thanks for the tutorial, covering the cardboard with felt gives it such a nice finished look.

Xazmin said...

I love turned out really cute!


scrappysue said...

very cool! you were above me in the comments section at SITS!

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