Friday, November 13, 2009

Fragmented Freewrites- November 13, 2009

Time for Fragments!

I have a million and twenty-seven half-started projects that I really ought to work on.
  • Mr Jummy is depressed because Mrs. Yummy still hasn't come to fruition.
  • My Christmas tree needs a skirt. My grandma generously donated fabric to make one, but now I need to generously donate some effort to get it made.
  • I still have three sock monkeys that don't have eyes.
  • I have two HUGE cross-stitches that have been languishing in my cross-stich box.
  • This giant stack of felt is begging to be made into some awesome ornaments or decorations of some kind.
  • I have some really awesome papers that I want to do -something- with, but I haven't figured out what yet.
  • I can't even discuss the clothes projects that I have fabric and patterns for. It's hard to fit a pattern on yourself. I need to make a dress form of myself, but I don't know where I'd even store it!
I'm pretty sure I need to approach this the same way as you would approach eating an elephant- one bite at a time. I think I'm going to bat my eyelashes at my cute husband and see if he's willing to assist in the Yummification project. We started it together, we should finish it together!


I need to take a load of things to the thrift store. I have had them bagged up and ready to go for at least 6 weeks! The worst part of this is that we're there practically -every- weekend. I have zero excuses! In fact, I shall make it my goal to take it when we go tomorrow!

The packages that the pieces of "special" cheese used to have little red strips that you could pull on and then it would rip the plastic. NOW they have gotten rid of that and replaced it with shrink plastic that is impenetrable. I'm thinking of staging a protest.

Thus ends this week's Fragments. Thanks again to Mrs 4444 for hosting us!

Friday Fragments?


Smellyann said...

The cheese thing sounds annoying!

Good luck with all your craft projects. Sounds like a fun dilemma to me! :D

Nancy Campbell said...

I'm exhausted just reading your list. Do me a favor, make me a tree skirt while you're at it?

From the person "blessed" with the no-craft gene.

Eve said...

Haha... eating an elephant. I just love the mental image (poor elephant)!

Yes, I'm experiencing the same dilemma - too many projects and just not enough time to do them all (plus, it becomes too much and I don't know where exactly to jump in)!

I'll just think of elephants as I dive in to tonight's project! ;)

brainella said...

If you only knew the number of cross stitch project that line the bottom of my craft bin... :-(

Those felt ornaments are adorable. I may have to try it. :)

Unknown Mami said...

You amaze me with all the projects you take on.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I have the same dilemma - half started projects that I don't know where to start to finish them... :)

I have a bunch of stuff I need to take to Goodwill...but I don't have them bagged up yet. Maybe I'll work on that this weekend - check back with me in 6 weeks and see if they're still sitting here waiting for their little trip... ;)

They changed the red wax/zip opening/thingy to impenetrable plastic wrap? Oh, that's just no fun at all!

Happy FF! :)

Kirby3131 said...

One of the tricks to get the items to the thrift shop is to bag it up and take it to the car immediately. No excuses. I can walk around stuff for a year if I allow it, but if I make it a hard and fast rule, I'll stick to it. I don't know why that works lol

I've got a ton of art projects waiting for inspiration :) I see I'm not alone.

Kristin - The Goat

mimbles said...

I have a box of school uniforms that the kids have grown out of that has been sitting in the front hall, or the study, or the kitchen, or by the front door (it migrates) for most of the year waiting to be taken to the school. So I'll see your "there every weekend" and raise you a "there every DAY!" I do have to sort through them and make sure they're fit for resale but all the same!

Sonya said...

oooh loving the felt ornament! I might give that a go myself! I have a seriously long craft list bite at a time:)

Noodle said...

I have to make a tree skirt too but I found one on clearance after christmas years ago and so I always defalt to that one cause I'm always too busy sewing gifts to worry about my little tree...

Anonymous said...

I remember doing a wall hanging in school in Grade 5 with felt. Three angels and a Christmas star. Think my mom still has it! That might be nice...

I know that if I tried crafty stuff, I would love it...minus the stuff that requires manual dexterity like knitting and whatnot. I just got out of all that artsy stuff when real life came calling (ie single momhood!). Before that, I did calligraphy and painted and sketched...I need a crafty friend to get my ass in gear and show me stuff I guess. Better than going to markets, saying "Why buy it? I could easily make it!" and then never doing anything about it...

Corrie Howe said...

I can so relate to your post. I'm afraid all my unfinished projects are much too long for your comments.

Stopping by from SITS. Have a great weekend.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Why is your mattress pad so teeny tiny? Get a real one ASAP!! I love mine!!

Hallie :)

4 Lettre Words said...

This time of year is especially hard on me. There's just so many great things out there waiting to be made!

Hope you're having a great weekend!!

Cat said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!! I loved that cheese! The red part was the whole attraction!

Mrs4444 said...

I LOVE that cheese!! It's expensive, but SO worth the yum....

I think you're right; baby steps...make a list and then hit it a little bit at a time. Did you make any progress this week?

Mrs. Yummy is going to be SO awesome. Can't wait to meet her :)

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