Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny brought me a new tripod for my camera! I am quite happy about this as I don't have the most steady of hands when it comes to taking pictures. My new camera has image stabilization in it, but it will be handy to be able to just leave my camera in one place and swap out "props" as needed. I gave Martijn a bug net because he's been having to hunt down and eradicate computer bugs at work. It's been a little stressful, so I thought maybe him having a net would make him laugh a little. It did, so mission accomplished. Martijn's Easter Bunny present is backordered and will be hippity-hopped here eventually.

I also silk tie dyed some more eggs. I'm having so much fun with this it's ridiculous. I'd like to get my grubby mits on some blown eggs and see if I could get that to work. I know I can blow the eggs myself, but the ones I find here have ugly pink date stamps on them that I haven't been able to get rid of. Plus, if I have to blow them myself, I might NEVER actually get around to it.

Silk Dyed Eggs Collage

The two photos on the bottom are the front and backs of the same eggs. The wrinkles in the fabric make kindof a neat effect. I also tried a couple of brown eggs. I think they turned out neat, but I don't think they'd work terribly well with light colored ties. I think my favorite (besides the orange checked ones of course) is the one on the top right. It turned out so VIBRANTLY! I just love it.

Just More Shots of the Eggs

These two found a nice little home in my awesome yellow and orange Pyrex dish.


Life Abroad said...

Happy Easter! Those are absolutely gorgeous! I am going to have to try that next year!

Sonya said...

Happy Easter! Im loving those beautiful!

Sharinskishe said...

I love your beautiful eggs. And so easy. Thanks for the instructions. Even though Easter is now past, I think we will try this.

We had a wedding last Friday and getting ready for that got in my way of getting ready for Easter. So we are behind, but my kids are older and they were not sad about not getting a basket. They actually both said, we are too old for that now, mom.

Thank goodness! Now we can really focus on what Easter is all about!!!

I sure hope you have a great week. I love coming here and visiting you. You have so many wonderful ideas and I'm jealous that you have a little bit of time to spend on doing things. (Not really jealous, I am happy for you and your ability to make time to do what you like!) Maybe I will have time again, someday!!!

Anyway, thanks for sharing with me. Take care and have a great day.


Wizardress said...

These are so amazing. Yeahhhh on your new tripod.. I need one myself. I use to have a great one, but I gave it to my dad- I use it when I go home, and he told me to bring it back, but I leave it there.

*hugsss* Hope yáll had a great EAster

Unknown said...

Happy Easter! Your eggs are so pretty!

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

Wow! That is so awesome! How could you even break them to eat them?

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