Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Gadgetry

I feel like I've probably got plenty of things to write about, but I'm not writing about them!  Jetlag this time around is really kicking me in the butt and it doesn't help that I've gotten sick (yes, again). 

We celebrated a month-late Christmas when we went to Utah and basically I got spoiled rotten.  I'd been eyeballing a new camera for a few weeks, but decided I really just needed to wait until my current one died.  There wasn't anything wrong with it, but I was hoping for something with image stabilization because I don't have the steadiest of hands and the flash took forever to load.  Still, it was serving the purpose and buying a new camera was a bit of a luxurious thing that I didn't really HAVE to do. 

I was pretty suprised when I opened up a box containing this little beauty!
My New Toy

It's a Nikon S550 and I'm pretty sure it's smarter than I am. I've been using a Canon for the past several years, so I'm getting used to the slightly different controls and menu system. One of the really awesome things about this camera is it has a smile detection feature! You can set it so that it will automatically shoot when your subject smiles, you don't need to press anything. The downside to this is your husband can tell you he's got it set on smile detect when he really doesn't and you end up with some rather interesting results.



Noodle said...

I love this picture! I think it really shows your personalty... =) And I totaly love you camera... It's fun and has some really cool features.

pplfichi said...

Er, but you are smiling in that picture, right?

hope the ill and the jetlag disappears soon!

Jnette said...

What a nice looking camera! (Love pink!!) Smile detection is a really neat feature on a camera. I hope you are feeling better soon!

That stinks to have 2 sicknesses going on at the same time.

Jnette said...

Happy Valentines Day!!

A Touch of Dutch said...

Great post! Great picture too!
I especially got a laugh from the camera being perhaps smarter than you. They sure make these cameras special these days!

Did you bring Jummy with you to Utah? I would've. Just for the good laughs ;-)

mub said...

A Touch of Dutch- You know, we deliberated taking Mr Jummy with us but ended up leaving him here. I'm headed back for a wedding in May though, so he might take a flight with me then ;)

Sonya said...

LOL,I love that photo!! Oh gosh how fun to take Mr Jummy along and snap photos of him in different

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