Saturday, April 25, 2009

Safe Flight and New Sewing Room Cabinets

I have decided that I never want to fly again if I can't sit in the exit row. SO MUCH LEG ROOM!

stretching my legs

Both flights were pretty uneventful. It was rather windy when we were landing in Minnesota so I was very thankful when we finally touched down. I think my guts might not have lasted too much longer without deciding to spew if it had gone on too much longer!

The past couple of days I've been awfully busy. We tore out an old awful ugly hearth from the family room in the basement and then my grandpa and I installed some awesome new cabinets for my mom.


Since the insides are almost as cool as the outsides, here are some shots of those as well.

The bottom row is full of nice deep drawers that pull out the entire way so that you can get to everything inside of them. The rails can be moved so you can adjust them however you need which is pretty nifty.

The upper row of cabinets is equipped with shelves.

The best part is the witch in the corner watching over everything.


Can you see her?

Next on the agenda is picking a paint color for the walls and getting knobs on the cabinet!


Vonlipi said...

Ok now...none of my business, but you're gonna paint that cabinet??? The wood looks sooo good, I would just stain it, but again none of my business! lol

mub said...

Vonlipi- I meant paint for the walls! The cabinets are WAY too pretty to demolish with paint *L* I'm gonna edit my post now haha.

Sonya said...

Omgosh I can see the witch! lol thats so cool. I would LOVE to have those cabinets here! I am forever trying to find a spot for everything. Im so glad you made it there ok..have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Leg room is very subjective. I find increased legroom doesn't do anything for me as I easily fit in bucket airline economy, and have more then enough space to stretch out (Sorry! *ducks*). I normally just put my bag under the seat which means I can't stretch out quite as comfortably but means I don't need to get up and bug people to get to my stuff in the overhead locker. I can't see me pulling this off if I was much bigger.

I remember on one flight I ended up right at the front and there was so much space between me and the wall I couldn't touch it with my feet. It was terrible. I couldn't curl up against the seat in front and go to sleep. Though that flight was an unexpected free business class upgrade so I wasn't complaining...

Noodle said...

I love the window seat and now leg room... I sleep better in coach than frist class... I guess I'm just a coach class of girl... Simple and frugle thats me =) but I don't have long legs to contend with so curled in a ball is comforting to me...

Life Abroad said...

I know what you mean about the leg-room! Once you get used to sitting in the exit rows, it's hard to go back! My bf and I always fly Air Transat between NL and Canada, and we usually pay the extra 60 bucks just to have comfy seats in the exit row!

Sharinskishe said...

Leg room rocks in the emergency door area! I would always choose these seats if I could.

I love your mom's new cabinets. They are beautiful. I could use some like them someday. I also love the witch!

I do this too. We have a lobster on our living room ceiling. I have seen a bear, pine tree, monkey and other things in both my living room and bedroom ceilings.

I am glad you are here with your family. I am hoping the time does not pass too quickly.

Take care.


Jnette said...

Beautiful cabinets! Glad you trip was a safe one. :)

Vonlipi said...

Mub...Ok I feel so much better now! But you can't argue people's tastes! I try to be PC. 'coz my foot (pardon me, my feet!) ia always in my mouth and I insult people...:)

Amy said...

I am so jealous of those cabinets! I was at an antique store the other day, and I saw three pyrex dishes (it looked like they were a set) and thought of you. If you are still in town, let me know, and we can go scope them out, if you would like!

Kaycee said...

I have cabinet envy too. I'm glad you arrived safely.

Gillz said...

The witch face is AWESOME. Supremely surreal.

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