Saturday, April 18, 2009

That's NOT a photo!

I'm not sure if I should post this or not. It's a bit risqué, but it's so funny I can't help myself.

The basic gist is a couple moves into a new house. The man is sweaty and grubby so he says he's going to take a shower. While he's showering his wife is setting up the new mobile internet. He walks out while drying himself and the following conversation takes place-
Man: Funny picture of your mom!
Wife: *pause* That's not a picture.
Mother-in-Law: Hi, Martin.

I am not kidding, I've CRIED watching this commercial because it's so funny. Most of Martijn's and my communication for several years was via MSN/IRC and using the webcam, so this is a rather plausible scenario.

A Touch of Dutch has written several posts on the subject of the wild world of Dutch commercials.

I'm going to go giggle myself to sleep now.


Noodle said...

how funny! Didn't your mom get caught in her SUNDRESS? I'm glad I not more techy or I might have stories simaler to this...

Sonya said...

LOL I too love this commerical:)

H said...

this is a funny commercial! love the mother-in-law's facial expression!

Wizardress said...

That is one of my favorites at the moment. I love that commercial too!!!

Sharinskishe said...

Thanks for .......... sharing ......???
I mean Thanks for sharing!!!!

This is really funny. Don't you just love the European commercials? I laughed really hard as I was imagining where the conversation was going. Then I was almost ready to replay and try and translate with my limited Germanic. But now I thank you for your translation.

I was telling my husband what was going on before I read him the translation. Your version is funnier. I guess I'm not good at Dutch!!! Go Figure!!

Norwegian is not Dutch!!

Happy and Safe Traveling. I am sure your family is counting the hours and minutes. Have a wonderful trip.


Paula Constable said...

That is too funny!

Angie said...

Just looking through you Netherlands posts! Too funny!

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