Monday, October 19, 2009

Refashioned Tosti-ijzer Handles

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We have a fabulous tosti-ijzer (sandwich press) that had a broken handle. They are readily available to buy new, but this one is cast iron on the inside and can be used as a weapon in case someone breaks into our house. The new ones are flimsy and wimpy so we really wanted to keep this one.

Martijn talked it over with his dad and his dad said he could make us a new handle. We figured he'd just attach a rectangle block of wood and call it good, but he went all out and made us not only one, but TWO new handles.

New Tosti-ijzer handles

What sorts of things do you always find worth fixing up and keeping around?


Sharinskishe said...

This it totally awesome! It looks awesome to boot! Your father-in-law sounds just awesome! Aren't dads wonderful!!!

I love how you justify keeping this old relic because it can be used as a weapon!! I love that it is cast iron, but no one knows that I love cast iron, right?

I have this practically new rubber scraper that has a broken handle, and I can't bear to toss it out. I was thinking about how to go about making a new handle for it. Now I have the inspiration to take a re-look at that. Maybe it will come up on a make-do Monday in the future. Thanks for the tip.

Have a wonderful day and I hope your shoulder is feeling better.


Noodle said...

how handy!!!

pplfichi said...

That's great! :D

What sorts of things do you always find worth fixing up and keeping around?

The completely predictable answer is... computers.

Tater Tot Mom said...

That's so great that you found a way to fix the handle! It's great to know handy or should I say hand-ley people! :)

I have an electric griddle perfect for pancakes with a broken leg...I'll have to try something like this to repair it finally.

Jeannette said...

Great job! I love it when people do stuff like this! Kudos to you guys for saving your sandwich maker!!

Unknown Mami said...

Nice job!

Canucky Woman said...

"What sorts of things do you always find worth fixing up and keeping around?"

If the Dutchie were to see this question, he would answer, "Everything!"

Therefore, I ain't showing him your blog, Mub! You wouldn't belIEVE the stuff we have crammed into our storage room right now!

Fatbrideslim said...

I love that! :-)

Mrs4444 said...

You're funny, Mub. Glad you have handy guys in your life :)

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