Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - January 24, 2011

Last Week's Recap:
Okay, I was pretty psyched about trying out the "multigrain crust" for the pizza that I made on Friday... and I think I probably won't make it again. It wasn't gross but it wasn't really that good either so I think I'll just keep searching for the perfect crust!

As for the poached fish with mango salsa and coconut cilantro rice... I'd make some changes! The flavors were all good (except the white pepper on the fish, it just completely took over everything) but the methods didn't wow me. I'd bake the fish. Then I'd pre-cook the rice and then add in the extra goodies. I wouldn't use sweetened coconut and I'd make 10X as much mango salsa!

On the menu for this week:

One Dish Chicken Broccoli Bake

Hamburger Buddy

Ground Beef, Spinach & Egg Scramble

Hamburgers and Sweet Potato Fries

Roasted Garlic Mash & Pork Chops

What're your meal plans for the week?

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