Monday, December 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday- December 15, 2008

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Last week:

The Orange Chicken Leg Quarters in the crockpot were really good. You don't need the molasses, I'm not really even sure why it's there. I only used two leg quarters (seperated and skinned) and made the sauce according the the measurements the recipe has. I have added this to the SAVE file.

Lentil Soup was also good, but I need to cut the recipe in half if I make it again. We ate it two nights in a row, and still have leftovers. I don't even know how big the bowls would need to be in order for it to only be 6-8 servings!

I didn't get to the Lettuce Wraps but I will this week since I have all the stuff still.

This week:

The aforementioned Lettuce Wraps. I have to make these this week or the veggies are going to go dead.

Honey Baked Chicken- I have oodles of chicken leg quarters I can use for this.

Paprika Pork Chops- It's been awhile since we had it, and we both really like it.

Slop on a Plate- I really ought to re-name this. I'm gonna try it with broccoli instead of green beans.

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