Monday, December 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday- December 29, 2008

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I didn't do a menu plan last week and just stuck to fairly easy stuff since I wasn't feeling well. Martijn was dismayed that he couldn't look at my blog for our menu, so even though I still don't feel good I'm doing the menu plan this week just for him! I'm also going to do the weekend and next Monday since we're leaving for the US in 8 days!

Monday: Gourmet
Tuesday: Gourmet again, we have oodles of stuff for it in the freezer
Wednesday: Slavinken & veggies
Thursday: Going for Chinese at the in-laws!
Friday: Stew
Saturday: Some version of a hobo dinner in the turbo
Sunday: Chicken a la Mayo & veggies
Monday: Something easy like frozen pizza probably!

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Noodle said...

I'm so happy your coming to visit, me and Nat will have to set up a "play date" with you and your adorable hubbie congrats on the two year

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