Monday, December 01, 2008

Menu Plan Monday- December 1, 2008

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Last week:

Well, I didn't stick to my plan very well. We did have the Salsa Chicken and Black Bean Soup. It wasn't bad, but it didn't really wow us, so I probably won't make it again. Instead of the freezer drumsticks I just used some seasoning I had since it was faster. The fish sloppy joes turned into fishcakes (which were yummy, I'm going to make them again) and the spaghetti turned into a lasagna-esque dish. I didn't have to buy different groceries than what I had planned on though so that's all good!

This week:

Roast Chicken in the turbo, Brussels sprouts, and potato wedges

Won Ton Tacos- I have a North American Women's Club meeting Tuesday, so I'm making a huge batch of these and setting some aside for us to have for dinner

Cheesy Gratin of Brussels Sprouts- Looks simple enough, and since sprouts are in season they're dirt cheap right now! 59 cents a kilo!

Gourmet- I'll post more on this the day we do it. You basically have teeny little pans over flames and cook your meals at the table. It's really fun.

Something creative with the leftovers from the chicken carcass!


Linda said...

Won Ton Tacos, yummy!! I am going have to try that one. Great Menu!

Ann Kroeker said...

Ohhhh....are you making raclette for gourmet day??


So delicious. And really it's so easy, too! We were given a raclette machine 18 years ago for our wedding by a European, but we've never bought a transformer to use over here. Sigh. We have to wait every few years for raclette, when we visit family in Belgium.

Enjoy an extra serving of cheese and bacon on your potato and think of me.

Anonymous said...

Hello from a Canadian in Noordwijk. I just moved here (arrived in NL 2 months ago). I found your blog via cloggie in training and have enjoyed reading your observations of life in the Netherlands.

Couple questions for you... Do you know if there´s a North American women´s club ANYWHERE in Zuid Holland, and if so, could you give me the contact details.

Where do you buy wonton skins.

Where do you buy baking soda.

Can you tell me if there is a store in NL that specializes in selling North American food products.



PS. sorry for typing errors, but I´m typing with 2 broken fingers, and can not get the shift key to work...

mub said...

Ann- I'd not heard of raclette! The Dutch don't really use cheese as far as I know but that sounds delicious. I think I'll try that next time we do it =)

Dominique- Glad you found my blog! I don't know of any groups in Zuid Holland, but I'll be happy to do some asking around for you. I get my baking soda and won ton skins from a local "toko" (oriental shops). They usually have all sorts of weird stuff that you can't find in regular grocery stores here. Uh, I think there's but I don't think they have a physical shop. Shoot me an e-mail (my e-mail is in my profile) if you've got any other questions and I'll see what I can find about a women's group for you =) I hope your fingers heal soon too- OW!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from a Canuck living in Leiden! :)

Love your blog, love your recipes, and I really love your sock monkeys! I arrived here 11 weeks ago after marrying my Dutch husband and am slowly adjusting to my new life here... Love the poffertjes, drop, and bicyles, but I do miss the mountains of my home in Whistler, British Columbia terribly.

I must admit also, that I'm finding all aspects of the inburgerings program beyond frustrating. *kicks wall*

Anyway, I'm looking for an English website or support group that assists foreign partners of Dutch people, that can help me decipher the mumble jumble my local gemeente keeps sending me about the course I'm required to take.

If you or anyone who reads your blog knows of an ENGLISH site or group that can help me, I would be most thankful if you could post their contact details.

Alessia in Leiden

mub said...

Hi Alessia!

It's really maddening trying to figure out the hoops of the inburgeringscurses. You'd think they'd understand that you can't actually read the information that they're sending you! I can tell you my experiences but -every- gemeente has different rules in how they handle things. I know some just set you loose on your own and you pray you're doing the right thing (Eindhoven for example) and others will put you on a waiting list for when a course opens up. Also, some pay for the courses, and some don't.

I'm not 100% sure, but maybe ACCESS would be able to help you find someone.

Honestly, I wish I could help more but they don't have a nationalized system in place and my information isn't relevant to anyone outside of Eindhoven. That being said, I don't mind sharing my experiences, so please don't hesitate to e-mail me (link is in my sidebar) if you've got other questions!

Anonymous said...

Hello from another "lovepat" in Leiden! Your blog rocks! I "know" you from Expat Lair, as I read that site from time to time for the "Dutch News".

Anyway, I just wanted to let Dominique know that there is a shop in Leiden called Tuckerbox ( ) that caters to the expat community and stocks hard-to-find products from Aus, North America and Great Britain.

@ Alessia, you can find excellent English language support re the inburgerings program via . There is a lawyer called Prawo involved with that site who can offer you clear, concise information, and help you decipher the legalese information and requirements.

All the best, and keep up the good work on your blog Mub!

Lydia (from Perth, Australia)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to thank you and Lydia for the excellent tips! I found wonton skins at an Asian grocery store (weirdly enough, they also stocked pop tarts, marshmallow fluff and Kraft peanut butter), and we gave your pot stickers a go the other night (the Dutchie had to "glue" them together, as it's impossible to do with 2 broken fingers!).

I also found the International Women's Club of the Hague via ACCESS (what a great resource for newcomers!), and will probably join in the New Year.

Now if I can just find a turkey for Christmas, I'll be happy!

That is, if I can find one that fits into my teeny tiny Dutch oven. :)

Thanks again, and as we say in Quebec, Joyeaux Noel (Merry Christmas),

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