Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas!

We live in an apartment on the 8th floor (9 floors up for you people who use a rational numbering system and start with the ground floor being the FIRST FLOOR). A -tiny- apartment. It would be rather crazy for us to have a nice 8 foot tall pine tree in our livingroom for Christmas. It's really just not reasonable. So, we have a small fake tree. The problem is, fake trees don't SMELL like Christmas! They smell like... well, nothing really. Last year my sweet husband decided that we could overcome this by buying a little table arrangement that had pine branches in it. It was a great solution! After Christmas, I tossed the branches and (by that point) gross floral foam and saved the bowl and decorations that were in it and put them away for this year. I found some pine branches at a local garden center for €1.49 and went to town!

From this:

to this:

I also got the tree put up, the stockings hung, and the nativity set up. It's beginning to feel a little more like Christmas!


Vonlipi said...

Hi!Thanks for following my blog! I will be following yours as well!!! I love reading about life in faraway places and learning about interesting people. Sometimes my orthograph is not perfect because originally I'm french speaking. I do my best! LOL

A Touch of Dutch said...

I see your new profile picture! You have one of those Sultana puppets :-) I love it! Your centerpiece looks so good. Very much kerstsfeer ;-) Thanks for sharing the pics!

A Touch of Dutch said...

And the floor #-ing system here.. I didn't learn this until I was in school when I was telling the teacher our bedroom is on the eerste verdieping & we had a nice view of our backyard. She asked if we had a door to our backyard from the bedroom & I was like, "Huh?!.." LOL! ;-)

JanMary said...

Love it, and great way to get the REAL smell of Christmas too.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you come back soon.

Sonya said...

So pretty!! job well done:-)

Blue Castle said...

Great idea! I love the smell of pine trees.

I have to say that I got a little dizzy just looking at your pictures and the street that was so far below. :) 9 floors is wayyyy too high for me.

Thank you for stopping by today. :)

Wildwood Mama said...

That is so festive, I love it!

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Ok...yes, you are right...it IS beginning to look a little like Christmas... ha ha ha ha ha! You are the sweetest thing ever! :)

This article of yours has made me smile. :)

Hey! There are Christmas scents that come out in Christmastime, and you can sprinkle them onto your wreaths and your Christmas tree! :) You can find some evergreen sprinkly for Christmastime sprinkly stuff and that would make your tree smell a lot like Christmas! :)

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my BATW day! :)


p.s. I love your picture with the freaky-cute doll-toy thingie wrapped around your neck! And I love the doll thingie in your header image! So sweet! You're such a sweetie, I think!

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