Sunday, December 07, 2008

Jummy Jummy!

Every now and then a company has an ad campaign that is so brilliant you can't help but really really REALLY want to buy their product.

Mr Jummy (the Dutch j sounds like an English y, so pronounce it as "yummy") and the band of hunger monsters from Sultana are a very good example of this. I don't normally post youtube videos cause I usually don't watch them when they're posted on other people's blogs, but these are too good to resist, seriously. The basic premis is everyone has their own little hunger monster inside of them and if you eat the Sultana biscuits, you will calm the monster!

I think this is the concept video, because it's in English and you don't see these monsters in later videos

This is my all time favorite. Him trying to spear the fish is priceless.

It's just so stinking funny.

This summer they started advertising a promotion where you collect four stamps from their packages and then turn them in along with 4€ and you can get your VERY OWN Mr Jummy handpop (hand puppet). Since I didn't really buy these biscuits on a very regular basis, it took a couple of months to collect my four stamps. Little did I know that I should've just gone and bought four packs the day I found out about the promo, cause by the time I had mine collected the Mr Jummy's were no more!

I was bummed, but not completely defeated. Martijn looked on the Sultana website and it said they had a higher than expected demand (duh, look at the guy!) and they'd be making and sending out more in November. So after months of waiting I finally got an e-mail saying they'd have them available on November 25th. I told Martijn I was going to camp out at the post office so I could get mine and then, of course, I promptly forgot all about it that morning. I went to the post office on November 26th, one measly day later and they were COMPLETELY GONE AGAIN. I am telling you, the drama involved in getting one of these puppets was ridiculous. Again they sent an e-mail saying check back in a couple days. So I did. And they still didn't have any. I persisted and I'm telling you, I got my workout cycling to and from the post offices trying to get my hands on this fellow.

I'm now happy to report that Mr Jummy and I are having quite a lot of fun with each other.

Mr Jummy and ME!


Martijn said...

And she didn't just went to "the postoffice" either; she went to ALL of them in the not-so-near surroundings... That's perseverance, people..

Amy said...

Wow, I want one of those! Talk about one of the best commercials ever. Thanks for posting Kim!

Sonya said...

OMGosh you have one!!! I want one soooo bad..LOL he is just so dang adorable:)

Jeannette said...

He is so adorable!!

Wildwood Mama said...

How cute, you two are adorable together :))

A Touch of Dutch said...

He is so cute! I was too late to get one, but I'm glad to know he got for sure one great home! ;-)

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