Friday, October 08, 2010


I am a plant murderer. If it requires water more than once a year month, I'll probably manage to cause it irreversible harm. Except, I somehow have managed to not kill our jade plant in the 3.5 years I've lived here. With that knowledge in our brains, Martijn and I have been looking for new victims succulents to add to our windowsill. Since these plants don't require a lot of water, they are ideal for me!

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, Crassula is a large genus of succulent plants, containing many species, including the popular Jade Plant, Crassula ovata.


The "Gollum" jade has scary little tubular fingers that sorta look like they're reaching out to get you.


The Crassula undulatifolia has wavy leaves and is a little more like a bush than the tree shape of the Jade Plant.


We have a few spider plants and sansevieria that I've not quite managed to off, but I think I prefer the Crassula. I KNOW they don't like a lot of water so I don't feel too guilty neglecting them! Plus, how fun is it to say crassula over and over again until it loses all meaning? Ok maybe not fun, but it is sortof a cool word.


This week C is for... Crassula! Go visit Mrs. Matlock by clicking on the link below to see more AlphabeThursday!

Jenny Matlock

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