Thursday, September 30, 2010


I enjoy birdhouses. I don't collect them, but it's fun to look for them and it's fun to see the various things that people use to make them!

This summer when we went to the Ogden Nature Center, we saw oodles of them! The trail from the parking lot to the visitors center is called "Birdhouse Trail" and there were at least 50 birdhouses along the way.


I would never think of using old propane tanks to make a birdhouse, but I loved these.



I think that the shingles on this one are great.


The house-bit of this one isn't remarkable but I absolutely LOVE the ladder staircase!


I wouldn't want to turn -my- bike into a birdhouse, but I thought having the panniers as the birdhouse on the bike was a cute idea.


And just for a bit of added fun, here's a birdhouse that my grandpa and I made for Martijn's mom a few years ago. It's made from old weathered barnwood (the roof is the original "barn red").



This week B is for... Birdhouse! Go visit Mrs. Matlock by clicking on the link below to see more AlphabeThursday!

Jenny Matlock

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