Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Fragments- October 22, 2010

A few weeks ago the new Professor Layton game came out and it sucked me in and I spent too many hours playing it so I could pass it. The ending was horrible and I was left feeling unfulfilled. I needed something to fill the void, so I thought maybe a re-play of Advance Wars: Dual Strike would be in order. Again, it sucked me in and I spent way too many hours playing it. Now I'm sucked into playing Advance Wars: Days of Depression Ruin. HOURS AND HOURS OF MY DAYS PEOPLE! I'm telling you all this because I've reached a conclusion. That conclusion is: Video games will rot your brain... and you will never get anything done... ever.... again... Now I already sorta knew this because of Paper Mario on the Wii but I can't stick the Wii in my pocket and take it with me places. That being said, my DS is still pretty much the best wedding present I received!


Everytime Martijn and I go somewhere on holiday in Europe we have really weird sleeping arrangements. We've had bunk beds (twice!!) and several one person beds that we unsuccessfully push together and end up with something like this in the middle of the night:

chasm pt 2

We're headed up north for a couple nights and I'm just wondering what our sleeping arrangements are going to be this time. I'll document it and let you know!


Since video games have rotted my brain, that's all the fragments I have for this week!

Enjoy your weekend and make sure to swing by Half Past Kissin' Time and tell our wonderful Mrs 4444 how awesome she is for hosting us scoundrels every week!

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