Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday Fragments- October 8, 2010

On Tuesday I picked up this:


So today I went and applied for my Dutch citizenship. Once they run a check with the police and make sure I'm not a terrorist with unpaid traffic tickets they'll forward it to the IND (the immigration department in NL). The IND will then take their sweet precious time in processing it, but by this time next year, I should also be Dutch!


Have you ever noticed how free food usually tastes better than it would have if you'd paid for it? Martijn and I both got a coupon for free pizzas so that's what we ate for dinner tonight and it tasted goooood.


I switched my comments over to DISQUS a few weeks ago because I kept trying to reply via e-mail and getting stupid blogger no reply addresses. It is nice that the DISQUS comments thread and you can reply and hopefully the person you're replying to will get an e-mail! Plus it makes following along conversations a little easier.


I gave Martijn a haircut last weekend. I think I'm probably not a stylist for a reason. It's a good thing hair grows sorta fast.


Do you ever go through the bookmarks on your computer and wonder what your motivation for saving it was? I started using Delicious to I could add notes to my bookmarks but sometimes I don't have time and then when I go back I feel like a dufus for not remembering! Are you a serial bookmarker too?


Have a fun weekend everyone, and go check out more Friday Fragments by clicking on the link below. Thanks as always to our lovely hostess Mrs. 4444!

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