Sunday, January 17, 2010

magicJack Winner!

I only had 17 entries on this one, so everyone had pretty good odds of winning. I wish I had one to give to everyone, but until I find a corporate sponsor willing to bankroll these things I'm afraid that's just not a possibility.

I typed everyone who entered into my spreadsheet in the order of their comment.

Then I went to and had it pick the lucky number between 1 and 17.

So the winner is lucky number 13! Sarah of I Blame My Mother said "I would call my siblings. We got rid of long distance on our home phone and my cell doesn't get good reception in the whenever I have to make a long distance call, I have to sit outside."

Congrats Sarah! I'm glad you don't have to sit outside in the cold anymore. I'll e-mail you for your shipping information.


Wizardress said...

Yayyy to Sarah!!! This is very cool and makes me want to give away something! How about a husband? hahah kidding. It does make me want to give away something though.. I wonder what I could give.

Tam said...

Congrats to Sarah! That was a really cool giveaway!!!

Tam said...

I lurk sometimes and don't leave enough comments but I love checking in on your blog and adventures! I love coooking and checking in on your recipes also! Great Blog!

Anonymous said...



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