Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finding Interesting Routes Home...

Martijn and I headed to Breugel, a village about 20 minutes away, for a flea market.

I found a couple of Tupperware cannisters and a pasta machine, but they weren't very exciting to take pictures of. This cash register was neat though.

Cash Register

As was this funky old TV and the Renault 4 that was parked behind it. The front windows slid open, it was fantastic!

Funky old TV

Since several of the roads were blocked off for the flea market (it was in the middle of the streets of the village), we turned off a slightly different way than we came. We followed a windy NARROW road and then suddenly were confronted with this:

Adventures in Dirt Roads

So of course Martijn starts laughing and bouncing up and down in his seat.


We made it back to "civilization" (or at least paved roads) and were attacked by hoards of bicyclists. This was one of the small groups.

Picture 2908

On the way home we actually ended up running into two more flea markets by accident, so it was a good day.

However, the car is now in desperate need of a bath. I know it's really not -that- bad, but for our little car that never really goes anywhere, it's pretty grubby!

We got grubby

Unknown Mami


Keetha Broyles said...

Do ya think you were driving on a bicycle trail????

Sometimes little adventures like that are the most fun.

Tater Tot Mom said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun time.

Mom of Three said...

The old TV and Renault really take me back. Thanks for sharing.

brainella said...

Yeah, tupperware is rather dull. That is one cool car. How often do you actually take your car out for a drive?

Matty said...

I love flea markets too. And how did you add the cartoon voice cloud to his picture? That's neat.

Unknown Mami said...

It's weird how I can see Martijn's words in a picture. What setting do you put the camera on to capture the words?

The flowers on the back of your car, is that a license plate?

Sonya said...

Wow thats a seriously old cash register but way cool! sounds like you had a good sunday:) We went driving around aswell but my photos came out really bad this time around.

Fatbrideslim said...

Ooooh, I love the retro goodies in the first two pictures!

Don't you love finding new ways home? :-)

MightyMom said...

teeheehee....I drive more on gravel roads than paved ones should see our van!! (and it's white!)

thanks for stopping by my place...come on back anytime

Alea said...

Driving on gravel roads is pretty common for us. Of course I am doing it in a F-350...Which is quite convenient when you go to flea markets for those impulse furniture purchases...

I love seeing your city (and surrounding area). I also enjoyed your blue door picture. We have a neighbor with a bright blue door, but some how it is less romantic on a modern stucco house. Or maybe it is the fact that they painted their fence (6 ft. high) the same color as the door? We do definitely wonder what goes on behind that door, though.

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