Friday, October 10, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again!

A few weeks ago when I was making pesto, my trusted sidekick Little Choppy was in a terrible accident in which he had a skull fracture. Now, I use Little Choppy almost everyday. It's really a stick blender with a chopping bowl attatchment and a whisk attatchment, but I use the chopping bowl the most, hence us naming him Little Choppy. I was, quite understandably, very distraught over how I was going to chop all my little things at lightening speed. Martijn was very distraught over how I was going to continue making chip dip.

We looked up the part on Philips website here and they wanted 12€ PLUS another 6€ for shipping. EIGHTEEN EURO?! We could get a brand new one for 30€, and if we watched, probably catch it on sale for even less.

A piece of window screen and a generous coating of epoxy later- Little Choppy has been revived!

Picture 1516

Little Choppy is back baby!

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