Sunday, September 02, 2012

August Foodie Penpals Reveal

My Foodie Penpal sender for August was Lin. I knew I was in for some good things when she said she liked to add homemade goodies to her packages, and I was right!

Foodie Penpals- August

When the postal delivery person handed me the box it made a sound a little bit like a rain stick... not always a noise you want to hear when taking possession of a package. When I got into the box I discovered the rain stick sound culprit! The box of lavender sugar (little box sitting on the green lid in the picture) had popped open. Lucky for me not all of it had come out so there is still enough to try a little in something. I've not cooked much with floral flavors so it should be interesting. Also included in my homemade goodies was some vanilla fudge (yum yum yum), a spice rub for meat or fish which Lin says is similar to ras el hanout (box sitting on the blue lid), and these stinking cute shaped sugars for drinks (box sitting on the pink lid).

I LOVE Christmas crackers. It's not a tradition we really have in the US or here in NL so I get all wild and (probably overly) excited when I see them. Lin said she likes to serve her guests these mini crackers on their saucer. I think it is such a fun idea. She also sent the cute little dishes that I put the fudge and crackers in for the photo. I have a few ideas of what I might use these for.

Every single time I go into the tokos (Oriental stores) here I see the "take me home and fry me up yourself" kroepoek (prawn crackers) but I've never had the courage to buy them and do them myself. So I was rather delighted to find the bag of them in my box. I offered the Espresso Dark Chocolate to Martijn since he's a coffee fiend and I'm not a coffee lover and he said it's "very dark but tasty." I don't often get my hands on Cadbury chocolate here so that was a nice thing to spot.

Lin, thank you so much!

I sent to Caitlin and you can see her reveal post here.

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