Saturday, August 04, 2012

July Foodie Penpals Reveal

I was meandering through the interwebs one day and happened upon someone posting about Foodie Penpals. Of course I got wildly excited and then sad because it seemed very US-centric... so I kept clicking links until I discovered that there IS indeed a European version that Carol at This is Rock Salt takes care of. Of course I filled in the form right after the cutoff for June so July was the first month I could participate.

Meryl was my generous foodie penpal and here are the goods!


Unsurprisingly, Mr Jummy was rather happy about the shortbread cookies.


Also included were some lovely spices from both Cornwall and from her travels in Crete! I'm excited to try the blue popcorn and I think the Onion Pinch Salt might be rather tasty on it. Lasty there is a little bag of beautiful sundried tomatoes. I can plump them up in some water but I might just stash them in my bike bag for a yummy snack on my travels.


Thanks so much to Meryl for the fun package! I'm already dreaming of what wild things I can do with Singapore Seafood Seasoning ;)

The Lean Green Bean

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