Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Letter Q, Ramona Quimby Style

Illustration from Ramona the Brave

Growing up, I think one of my favorite book series was the Ramona Quimby books by Beverly Cleary. I love how she's so REAL... Rereading them now I love that she takes things so literally... just like I must've when I was young.

When she's learning to write her name in Miss Binney's kindergarten class, she notices some of the other children have a letter with a dot after it. Clearly she can't miss out on this!

“Could I have another letter with a little
dot?” she asked, knowing that Miss Binney
would not think she was pestering.
Miss Binney smiled and leaned over
Ramona’s table. “Of course you may.This is
the way to make a Q. A nice round O with
a little tail like a cat. And there is your little
dot, which is called a period.”

- From Ramona the Pest
Eventually we see the evolution of what was once a plain and bare letter with only a tail to keep it from being an O.

"She drew another Q and admired it a
moment before she added two little pointed
ears, and then she added two whiskers on
each side so that her Q looked the way the cat
looked when crouched on a rug in front of
the fireplace."

- From Ramona the Pest

What did you like to read as a kid? I think I may need to do another post with some favorites of mine because it seems like the books I read as a kid are still better than most of what I read today!


This week Q is for... Q, Ramona style!! Make sure to go check out the other fantastic participants by clicking on the picture below!

Jenny Matlock

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