Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Fragments- September 10, 2010

I finally got my new glasses yesterday. I HOPE that my eyes adjust to them fast because today I was kinda miserable until I put my old glasses back on. I always have issues when I get new glasses for some reason. The arms are made of some sort of magical bendy rubbery material and I keep having to resist throwing them on the floor to see if they bounce back up like a superball!

New Glasses


I don't know about my Five O'clock Friday submission for this week. It sorta looks like a creepy stalker surveillance photo of these people, even though it really isn't. I'm standing on my balcony on the 8th floor and utilizing the magic zoom on my new camera.

Five O'clock Friday


I have been cooking recipes from the Nigella Express cookbook. There are some really nice ones in the cookbook but some of them have really pretentious names like "Croque Monsieur Bake" when they really could be called "Ham and Cheese Sandwich Casserole."


I'm going to spend a lovely day tomorrow in Alkmaar (way up northward) exploring and seeing some friends. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Mommy's Idea


Invader_Stu said...

Alkmaar is a great place. I hope you have fun and get use to your new glasses soon.

brainella said...

I like that pictures. The arrow is pointing one way and they are going to other way. It's kind of amusing.

Magical bouncing glasses. You should invent them!

Andrea said...

I want to get that book too. We usually like Nigella recipes.

Croque Monsieur is what they call a tosti (grilled ham and cheese sandwich) in Belgium and possibly even in France.

Have fun in Alkmaar.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my part of the country! Checking out monumentendag?? I think we'll be scoping out some buildings in Haarlem today.

By the way, I think you have gorgeous eyes...of course, I mean that in a totally non-lesbian way, lol!!

Kirby3131 said...

I don't think it's stalkerish at all. I love the visual of the glasses bouncing. Enjoy your trip!!

Kristin - The Goat

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