Sunday, June 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday- June 22, 2009

I was pretty awesome last week.

The Phyllo wrapped Salmon Filets are quite good and if I get really crazy I'll translate (and fix because whoever figured out the amounts on that thing was up to no good) that recipe. I have extra salmon in the freezer, so I might make it again this week if my other chosen recipes aren't speaking to me (or if Martijn's dinner plans get canceled again and I'm scrambling for another dinner idea).

This Aztec Couscous recipe was also quite nice. I left out the jalapeƱo since they're rather non-existant here (you can get the jarred ones, but I wouldn't use the whole jar and it would just go to waste). We ate it warm for dinner and I had leftovers of it cold the next day. I think I liked it cold better, but it's good both ways.

I also made the Curried Cauliflower Soup and I will make it again since it was quite nice. We had it with shredded zucchini and ricotta melt sandwiches. YUUUUM!

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Lighter Sesame Chicken- This has been sitting in my "to try" folder for the past year and a half, so I'm going to try it at last. If we don't like it then I need to remember to DELETE it!

Hobo Style Catfish Dinner- I can't quite figure out where the extra 1/2 cup of Italian dressing goes, can you? It looks quick and easy though and I am a big fan of both.

Nestled Eggs- I maybe will fiddle with the filling a little bit, maybe do bulghur instead of rice.

Macaroni Mix- No recipe on this, it's basically mac, little bit of minced meat, tomato paste, and a seasoning mix.

Oven Fried Coconut Chicken- This looks intriguing. It may happen on leg quarters instead of just drumsticks since they're about half the price (figure that one out, more meat for less money, yahoo!).


Sharinskishe said...

Concerning the Hobo Catfish- There are 16 Tablespoons in a cup, so I am thinking that maybe the Italian dressing was listed twice, measuring 1/2 cup Dressing is easier than 8 Tablespoons.


Maybe you marinate the fish and veggies in the 1/2 cup. But reading the directions tend to make me think there is no marinade used here. Soooo........

I would go with the ingredient got listed twice. Hope this helps. Knowing you, you probably came up with the same deduction yourself.

Have a great week. Your menu sounds great and tasty as usual. Enjoy~~~!!!!

Sharinskishe said...

Just me again! I just read the recipe for Nestled Eggs. Wow, that sounds good. Thanks for sharing it. I also think that Heirloom tomatoes instead of pepper or along with peppers would taste awesome. Thanks again.

Frank said...

Sharinskishe is right. The dressing got listed twice. Thanks for catching it.

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