Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Fragments- June 26, 2009

Time again for those fragmented thoughts that aren't quite post-worthy on their own!


-Martijn brought flowers home for me the other day for no reason which was really nice.

-I had my eyes dilated and they don't use the "help your pupils shrink back to a normal size" drops here, so the entire bus ride home I kept worrying that we were going to get into some sort of horrible fiery crash and the paramedic who is trying to assess my condition is going to either declare I have a very poor prognosis due to my pupils being fixed and dilated OR he's going to think I'm some strung out sort of druggie... especially with the horrible bruise I got yesterday when they drew blood.

-I spent the entire day on Thursday speaking Dutch. Afterwards, my brain needed a nap. The people that I was speaking to probably needed a brain nap as well.

-Speaking of Dutch... my conversation class started on Monday and I think it's going to be good. Nothing too high stress, but enough practice to help out some.

-I'm kinda getting tired of people dying. I mean, I know it's the way things work, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

-The typical Dutch breakfast (and lunch, and sometimes dinner) is a piece of bread with something on it. Martijn generally gets up and eats breakfast before me. After he goes to work I find random bits of sandwich in strange places throughout the house. I think he wanders while he eats and then forgets to eat the last bite. I give him a lot of grief about this... except now I can't anymore. Because I came home from an appointment and found 2 bites of a peanut butter sandwich sitting on my desk, right where I left it this morning.

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Tijn said...

Martijn brought flowers home for me the other day for no reason
But I did have a reason. In fact, it was a very good reason: It's because I love you. Can you imagine a more compelling reason to buy flowers? I sure can't..

Kori said...

Oh, I loved his comment, how sweet is that? And already I am fascinated with you and just came here for the first time today. Thanks for stopping by my place, too!

Noodle said...

you two are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Your story about the trip on the bus made my day a lot brighter. Thanks. -Grey

Mrs4444 said...

The flower is beautiful! Great shot.

No kidding on the deaths issue, assuming you are speaking to the recent celebrity deaths, which were added to today when I learned of Billy Mays' death. Incredible! (If you were speaking from personal experience, I'm sorry.)

Good luck with the Dutch. I'd love to hear some of it! (Don't worry; I wouldn't know the difference!)

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